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Clinton Roosevelt's Commulnist Manifesto

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Something to look at.  An important part of history?

Roosevelt's Communist Manifesto Presented by Tsun">(

Clinton Roosevelt's book of 1841 ]

[Emanuel Josephson's book of 1955]

Clinton Roosevelt's' Book:

The book was microfilmed in 1970 by University Microfilms, a Xerox

Company (8k gif)

Inside the front cover.

Recorded in the District Court.

Read the start of the author's Preface

Chart #1: Political Science

Chart #2: Marshal of Manufacturers (94k gif)

You need to know about this book. In the words of one man:

"It presents the organizational aspects of the conspiracy and is the  original blueprint of the New Deal and its NRA. It is indeed astonishing  that a historical document of its importance and its background history  has suffered so complete a blackout as to be practically unknown to  contemporaries, in whose lives it has played so large a part." --Emanuel  M. Josephson Summary:

 The Science of Government Founded on Natural Law Clinton Roosevelt,  1841 Dean & Trevett, N.Y.

Few Americans realize that Clinton Roosevelt, an older cousin of  Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote a book published in 1841 that contained most  of the New Deal and the NRA (National Recovery Act). It also contained  most of the Communist Manifesto. This was a few years ahead of Karl Marx.

I heard a rumor on the 'net, that such a book existed. I wanted to find  out, so I went to my local public library. Of course, we didn't have a  copy, so I accessed the World Cat Database, which is used for

interlibrary loans. There it was: 3 or 4 copies in the USA, two of which  were microfilm. I placed my request. In a few weeks, one of the  microfilm copies arrived at the town library. I was able to examine it on the premises, and I printed out the entire  book, including two large charts.

I planned to scan my copy into OCR software, but much of it was too dark  and blotchy. Placing the entire text as graphics on the web is out of  the question. However, I'll include several pictures here, including the  very interesting charts. A short look at the charts will give you a good  idea of Clinton Roosevelt's Economic Plan.

Microfilm Inside the front cover.

The book was recorded.  Read the first page of the author's Preface A picture is worth a thousand words -- more in this case. Have a look at these two charts, copied from Clinton Roosevelt's original book,  published in 1841. Notice the "All Seeing Eye" motif, and the  totalitarian organization of all society.

Chart #1: Political Science</A>

(According to Mr. Roosevelt) Creating Order; Preserving Order; Refining  Order. This man was really into Order!

Chart #2: Marshal of Manufacturers</A> The Planned Economy: "Without us  Man is a Naked Savage; Without us Man is Brutal; We Give Mind to Matter;  We Give Strength; We Contribute Health & Beauty." (!)

Exhibits from Emanuel M. Josephson's Book:

Publication info, dedication, table of contents The inner wrap of the book's dust cover, and to the right, the full  publication info.(37k gif) Get a load of this Text file: Photocopied pages scanned into OCR (45k txt) A bit of conjecture from Tsun:

Many people wonder at the real name of President William Jefferson  Clinton. They say, "If he's really a Blythe, why does he go by 'Clinton?'"

I wonder if you are thinking what I'm thinking . . . ? (!)

I notice that many authors such as Mr. Josephson -- people who write  about "alternative political realities"-- also write about what might be  called "alternative medical realities." This couldn't be due to the same  cartel controlling both, could it?

But wait! There's more. . .

In 1955 -- when few Americans had any idea what was going on in "their"  country and the world, a man named Emanuel M. Josephson published a book:

Roosevelt's Communist Manifesto Emanuel M. Josephson, 1955 Chedney Press  N.Y. Josephson's book includes a full reprint of Clinton Roosevelt's 1841  "Science of Government Founded on Natural Law."

I discovered that I could obtain a copy of this book via Interlibrary  Loan. The book is out of print, but may be easier to obtain than  Roosevelt's book. I'd never heard of it before I looked into the latter.

Josephson's book is copyright, but he does say "Proceeds from the sale  of this book are devoted to the struggle for the preservation of human  liberty," and since I'm making no "proceeds" and have no ouija board to  contact Josephson, I will reproduce parts of the book here. If anyone  can give me any information about Mr. Josephson, I would love to contact  him -- if he is still with us. Anybody know?

I wonder how many copies of his book Mr. Josephson sold; in 1955,  sheeple were sheeple, so I doubt that he sold many copies.

As you can see, Josephson also wrote a book about Franklin D. Roosevelt.  (He also authored one about the Rockefeller gang, and a couple about  eyesight.) Notice that he calls the Great Seal Reverse the "Original Communist / Illuminist Emblem. He claims the two movements were/are one

 and the same.

Josephson also claims that when he contacted Eleanor Roosevelt by mail,  she denied knowing anything about "illustrious cousin Clinton." Odd,  since she was such a fiend for Clinton's style of government planning.

Take a look at the publication info, dedication, and table of contents  (scroll right for the latter). The inner wrap of the book's dust cover, and to the right, the full

publication info This 56 kilobyte image shows the insignia of the order, and gives many  interesting facts about it. Don't miss this page!

Note that some researchers ( including Emanuel Josephson) believe Thomas  Jefferson was not a great lover of human liberty, as is widely supposed.

It would be useful to learn more of their reasoning for this idea. I've  read that claim by others --including A. K. Chesterton (The New Unhappy  Lords)

Finally, for your further edification, read this text file. I  photocopied several pages of Josephson's book. These scanned into OCR  beautifully. It was my second attempt at OCR, and I'm awed by the  process. These pages are not contiguous. I didn't want to scan the  entire book, so I grabbed several pages that seemed most interesting.

OCR Note: Look for technology such as this to be applied to recognizing  your facial characteristics, pulled from the crowd as you walk by. There  will be nowhere to hide, will there? I mean, when all the databases are  linked; when you need a federal passport (oops! "ID") to use any  government service, such as a bank or a licensed occupation -- or to  board a bus, plane, train, your own automobile, or the information super  highway!">

[ Clinton Roosevelt's book of 1841]

[Emanuel Josephson's book of 1955]