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“British Freemasonry's Control of the Roman Catholic Church”

John D. Christian

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Subject: British Freemasonry's Control of the Roman Catholic Church

Since the late 1800's it has been the declared goal of the Church of England to take over control of the Roman Catholic Church, and make the English Church the pivot around which all churches will be reunited to form a final One World Church consecrated to Catholic worship.



British Freemasonry's Ultimate Luciferian "Gnostic" Goal


It is a well-known fact that many of the leaders in the Church of England are both Fabian Socialists and Freemasons. The Grand Lodge of England controls both the American Scottish Rite and York Rite Masonic Lodges. The 30th Degree of American Scottish Rite Freemasonry, called the Knight Kadosh, is the Luciferian degree which reveals the secret dream of all Masons, i.e. to infiltrate the Papacy, rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and consecrate the world to Universal Catholic worship under the reign of their New Age "Gnostic Christ" (really Anti-Christ).



The Three Great World City Corporations (Rome, London and Washington DC)


There are three major city 'corporations' in the world that are 'states within states', not responsible to any parliament or government - Vatican City Corporation, the City of London Corporation and Washington DC Corporation. Vatican City grew out of Imperial Rome, and the City of London Corporation grew out of the old dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church in England, which were the business world's first 'corporations'.


Prior to Henry VIII, at a time when much of the land in England was owned by various dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church, the Lord Mayor of the City of London Corporation was responsible to the British Sovereign, who in turn was himself under the spiritual direction and temporal authority of the Vatican and the Pope. When Henry broke with Rome, he himself (and successive Protestant sovereigns after him) took over the Pope's authority and became head of the City Corporation. Gradually most of the former assets of the dioceses of the Catholic Church were taken over by the Church of England and the knights and barons of the British Sovereign.


Right from the very beginning of the founding of the United States of America, Washington, D.C. was established as a 'foreign corporation' and subsidiary of the City of London Corporation.



Temple Bar and the European Constitution


The global justice system is now domiciled in Temple Bar (named after the Knights Templar) and Royal Courts of Justice in London. All judges and lawyers throughout the world cannot practice unless they are members of their local state or country "Bar Association," named after Temple Bar in London. In essence, all lawyers are "Knights Templar Bar Attorneys," and members of the Masonic secret society brotherhood in London. This explains why most judges and lawyers throughout the world are such a grossly overpaid, money-hungry, unethical, devious lot - and regardless of what they may claim, they still secretly serve British Freemasonry, whose head is the Governor of the Church of England and British Sovereign.


Following the EU Foreign Ministers Meeting on the Draft EU Constitution in June 2004, and their subsequent signing of the Draft Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe in Rome on October 29th, 2004 (October 28, 2004 was the principal witchcraft full-moon / lunar eclipse of the year linked to Halloween observed by Satanists), it is only a question of time that the final form of the EU Constitution may be completed, ratified and fully implemented.


If Britain ratifies the Constitution, as planned, in effect this will mean that Britain will be abolished as an independent nation state and will be divided up into "regions" of the European Union like all the other countries in it. However, the City of London will still wield immense power within the EU because as a separate "region" it still controls the Masonic, financial, political and judicial infrastructure which permeates the Union. It is really the EU Commission which governs the European Union, not the EU Parliament at all. The Parliament provides a subtle pretence of democracy, when in fact it is just a "talking shop" with very little power at all. The real power of the European Union is vested in the EU Commission, which is not elected by the people, but is appointed by the Queen's "Masonic Knights and Bankers" who fund and control it, in collusion with their invalid Vatican puppet.



Vatican City


Much has been fancifully written by various authors alleging that it is really the "Vatican" in Rome that controls the world. Such allegations were undoubtedly very true prior to the Protestant Reformation but now, in the 21st century, this has little basis in fact. Now the real arch enemy of mankind is a most unlikely candidate - a foul brood of apostate Protestant, Marxist/Fabian-Socialist/Masonic pirates based in London - who have infiltrated the Holy Office to use it as their "vehicle" to bring in a One World Church and Government.


Vatican City is the capital and all that remains of the former Papal States, which at one time covered 16,000 square miles in Italy. It is an area of 108.7 acres (similar to the City of London Corporation - about 1 sq. mile) in Rome around St. Peter's. The Pope has full sovereignty over the city including power to issue coins and stamps and to send diplomatic representatives abroad. The Papal States were seized in 1870 by Italy, and the temporal sovereignty of the Holy See was not again recognized until the signing of the Lateran Treaty and Concordat between the Pope and the Italian government under Mussolini in 1929.


The Vatican has a population of about 1000 and is the control center of about 700 million Roman Catholics scattered around the world. The Lateran Treaty, signed in 1929, was the official seal to the ending of the temporal possessions of the Roman Catholic Church, which she renounced once and for all - this is, the gift that Pepin had handed back to her in the 8th century, known as the Papal States. Fascist Italy paid the Catholic Church 750 million lire and Italian 5% bonds to the nominal value of 1000 million lire in settlement. The sum she received, although a large one, was microscopic compared to the thousands of square miles she had to surrender. The vast territories that the Church had formally misappropriated, confiscated and misruled over a whole millennium were reduced to a grain of sand in the transaction.


While it is true that the Vatican is still a powerful ecclesiastical organization controlling about 10% of the world's population, and it is true the millions she got as compensation seeded the billions of dollars she is worth today - the real truth is that from the time of the Lateran treaty, the Vatican has been infiltrated and controlled by City of London Corporation Marxist Jewish bankers and their agents headed by the British sovereign. In other words, the Vatican has had a 'mergers and acquisitions' corporate raid done on her.


As the whole world is being 'privatized,' and through the City of London banking 'mergers and acquisitions' policies it is being turned into one Giant Global Corporation (which includes even the Roman Catholic Church), it is clear that whoever will ultimately head the City Corporation in the future will physically, personally own the entire world. At present the British Sovereign heads the Corporation.



Corporatization of the Roman Catholic Church


Interestingly, the deceptive practice of hiding controlling interests in property, shares, bonds, trusts, banks or corporations in 'street names' or names of 'front individuals' has long been a hallmark of City of London Jewry's banking fraternity from the time of William the Conqueror (1066), established during the Norman French period in England. Today, the City of London Guildhall Twelve Great Livery Companies, with their many subsidiaries, are the companies which are taking over the private ownership of the world, including the Vatican by the British Sovereign and the City Corporation. The present global banking 'corporatization' and 'privatization' process is the manifestation of nearly 1000 years of greed culminating in the practice of hiding the control of financial interests throughout the world in 'fictitious' City of London 'street names' and companies. The practice is very clever and subtle, and, apart from a handful of leading bankers and lawyers, the world general public is totally ignorant regarding this nefarious practice.