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Benjamin Fulford

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Was the G20 just another Zionist power grab and was the US sold to China?

A closer inspection of the declaration put out by the leaders of the G20 after their April 2, 2009 summit makes it clear it was a global Zionist power grab. The first worrying point is that the IMF was granted the right to create, out of thin air, a new global currency. While clearly the world needs a new currency to replace the US dollar the problem with granting this power to the IMF is that it is an unelected body controlled by Zionists. The promise to grant more voting rights to developing countries in the governing structure of the IMF is just a promise that does not have to be implemented until 2011. In the meantime, this Zionist organization that has caused untold misery to peoples around the planet will be given $1.1 trillion and a money printing press and will probably be called in to restructure the US and UK economies.

The second big problem is the granting of huge power over all of the world’s financial institutions to a Financial Supervisory Board. This unelected FSB is just the privately owned BIS in disguise.

In the meantime, nothing has been done about the $1500 trillion (or whatever humongous number they now think it is) derivatives mess.

The other big problem is that the Federal Reserve crime syndicate has given the Chinese $2 trillion of worthless paper and now they are promising to back it up with US slave labor and property. Remember, the US is not bankrupt; the privately owned Federal Reserve Board is bankrupt.

For those of you who still have not heard this, let me explain that in 1933 a United Sates of America Corporation was formed and headquartered in Washington D.C. which is not part of the US. Every time a US citizen is born, they are assigned a number (social security) by that corporation and a bond backed by that person’s life of labor is issued. The Feds are now planning to share control over this slave labor with the Chinese.

There is an alternative group that is in possession of astronomical quantities of gold and will pay off US and UK debt with gold but they will not accept payment in Fed fiat dollars. This group wants to use their gold to kick-start an entirely new financial system that is actually controlled by the people of the planet and not a secret, in-bred cabal.