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This Economic Catastrophe Was Engineered For A Purpose

Dick Eastman

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(June 2008)

This economic catastrophe was engineered to, among other things, force new deregulation of the domestic financial system -- allowing the international investment bankers like the Rothschilds to buy up our commercial banks.

In a vicious circle symphony critical economic variables are collapsing together -- investors are selling stocks and buying oil futures because they expect higher oil prices and they know the effect of those prices on the demand for products of all other industries. The know they are driving up future oil prices so high that any other investment in any business that depends on the consumer dollar, is going to fail because the consumer dollar is all going to food and oil while consumer income is being decimated by loss of jobs and business failures due to lack of purchasing power left over for anything else.

They are also buying agricultural commodities, buying Swiss Francs (the Franc is a currency backed by a population that makes its money from finance, not production), buying treasury securities with the imagined safety and security of the backing by US taxing power and privitizable public assets), and buying the land and buildings and roads owned by the distressed states, cities and citizens -- everything of value that desperate Americans unable to meet their obligations are now being forced to sell everything of value or losing it to foreclosure. In an economic environment like this assets are not destroyed -- they just change hands. Stop and look at what is really happening here.

The investors have been stampeded into selling their shares of corporations. The great herd of investors are selling at low prices.and everyone is talking about that. But who is doing the buying at these low prices? No one is talking about that. And people are not able to make their payments to banks. Those few who had money to save now are withdrawing -- forcing the commercial banking system total failure mode. And who profits from this?

Outside the commercial banking system that is failing is the international investment banking system (the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other merchant banking houses) which is not at all distressed, which is making great amounts of money lending to the US government under the direction of Nancy Pelosi and the other war spenders in Congress. Those in this international loop have plenty of money to buy assets that distressed Americans are selling or being evicted from.

Which brings us to the point. The distressed banks are a synthetic problem engineered by the investment bankers so they could buy up America for a song. And the biggest prize is the purchase of the US commercial banking system, previously off limits to international investment bankers. The Fed, with its equivalent of "executive orders" and Nancy Pelosi (tool of AIPAC, which is the Rothschilds' agents in America) and company to smooth the way with accommodating legislation.

In the panic no one will put up a fight. All of the regulatory protection our wiser grandparents and great grandparents put into place to protect us are now to be torn away -- just as planned -- and there will no longer be a domestic banking system. It is not the financial sector that is collapsing -- it is the American peoples loop of the financial sector -- it is the financial sector that the Rothschilds have hitherto not owned and controlled.

And so the economic disaster was engineered to to force new deregulation -- allowing Rothschilds to buy up our commercial banks.

I suggest that this is a good time to rebel.

But knowing how you responded when told that 9-11 was a Rothschild-Rockefeller false-flag operation, that major weather is being controlled by the same great interests, that both world wars and the great depression, the cold war and all economic crises from the German hyperinflation of the early 1920s to the S & L scandal, the collapse of Mexico and the Asian economic tigers are all the work of Zionist bankers in cahoots with the the Chinese princelings who have been allied with them since the opium wars (I'm talking about Zhou Enlai) and secretly allied with the Rothschild's Zionist Israel since both criminal states were created at the the same time almost 60 years ago -- there is little hope that you will perk up your ears and do something now -- but if you should want to do something and don't know what -- may I suggest you dump all thoughts of Ron Paul and Barrak Obama and Hillary Clinton and John McCain and Bob Barr and vote for the one man who would end this long season of Rothschild economic terrorism.

I said that this is time to rebel. Yes, I am asking you once more to get with me in lifting up Lt. Col. Robert Bowman for president -- it is imperative that we draft him as the people's real choice for President and to hell with parties and primaries -- let every citizen of every voting precinct demonstrate that they are for Dr. Bowman, let us have mass demonstrations in every state capital until he is on the ballot Thee American people can accept no one else from this crooked and rigged candidate selection system which is just one more American asset now owned and operated by the Rothschild interests. Every candidate is owned by the Rothschilds through their agents -- AIPAC, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergs -- even the Rockefellers themselves serve the Rothschild interests. I say draft Bob Bowman for president. It is the only thing I can suggest. No other course of action will do any good. Taking no action at all will lead to a future even worse than your current pessimism imagines.

WHo is with me?

Dick Eastman

Yakima, Washington