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Dr. Len Horowitz Becomes A Papal Knight of Malta, according to one of the organization’s affiliate web sites

Greg Szymanski

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True Patriots in America question whether Horowitz is nothing but a shill for the Vatican-led New World Order.

Dr. Len Horowitz, who has always portrayed himself as a true patriot fighting against New World Order health crimes and disease, has recently become a member of the Knights of Malta, according to reports from one of their affiliate web sites.

The outward display of ‘papal knighthood’ by Horowitz comes as a shock to a number of patriots who previously placed trust in Horowitz’s literary work in the field of disease prevention and emerging viruses.

“This is a great disappointment,” said Eric Jon Phelps, author of the widely read book, Vatican Assassins. “May the risen Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, grant this racial Jew and professing Bible-believing Christian repentance for his infamous act.

“He has betrayed his own racially Jewish/Hebrew people—massacred by Knights of Malta who were members of Himmler’s “Circle of Friends”—his racial brethren who are now slated for total annihilation here in North America thanks to Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor George Bush’s “War on Terror.”

Horowitz could not be reached for comment.

Although the Knights of Malta’s true purpose has been a well-kept Vatican secret, people in America are being educated to the fact it is still an organized world-wide group which furthers the Vatican’s upcoming “New Inquisition” by aiding, abetting and fostering the fascist takeover of America.

“It is this Russian tongue of the Knights of Malta Len Horowitz has now joined,” added Phelps. “As per its site, the Russian branch “follows the precepts of Blessed Gerard,” the founder of the Knights of Malta for the benefit of the Pope’s bloodthirsty Crusades. 

“Thus, these very Knights whom Horowitz wonderfully exposes in his masterpiece Emerging Viruses, he has now joined.   I wonder if he knows that AIDS virus creator Dr. Robert C. Gallo is also a Knight and was awarded the “Sword of Ignatius Loyola” by the Order’s St. Louis University in 1988?”

Another patriot who wanted to remain anonymous sent this comment and email to the Arctic Beacon:

“So Horowitz is a Knights of Malta damn is there anyone these people haven’t got to? I knew he’d turned Christian but didn’t know he’d gone Catholic although he did at one time have a dig at King James.

“Although I respected a lot of his work I knew he was a clever agent for a long time, how? Because of all his HIV Virus theory promotion and his continuing of Dr. Strecker’s disinformation on both HIV and Animal Viruses.

“Once you become fully aware of the disinformation surrounding viruses and especially HIV you can see through these people. They use your ‘I want to see a devious conspiracy’ mind against you in order to promote another conspiracy being an out and out LIE. So in this case in order to close the mind of a clever person they decide to tell you HIV is man made hoping to hook line and sinker you. Now when I, Rapp port and many others expose the truth on the phony virus scams you instantly clamor up and then attack us.”

Phelps then elaborated on the history of the Russian Knights of Malta and its connections to the Vatican’s bloodthirsty Crusades:

“As you must know, the Russian branch of the SMOM was started after Napoleon, under Jesuit control, drove the Order from Malta in 1798—thirty years after the Knights had driven the Jesuits from Malta.  Now in Russia, it entered into an agreement with the acting Jesuit General to submit to the Company which had been formally recognized to exist in Russia by Pope Pius VII in 1801. 

“With the Jesuits and the Knights of Malta under the protection of Tzar Paul I (who was murdered that year by the Order for his disobedience in befriending “heretic” Protestant Prussia), the Russian “Tongue” of the Knights of Malta would be “Orthodox”—created specially for the Orthodox nobles of Russia.   One such noble would later include Tzar Nicholas II, a co-conspirator in the success of the Black Pope’s Bolshevik Revolution.

“Nicholas, with his English cousin and brother Knight of Malta, King George V, would use his secret police, the Okhrana, to betray the Kremlin into Bolshevik hands ending his Romanoff dynasty—the protector of the anti-Pope, Eastern Orthodox Church.   Moscow, “the third Rome,” was now in the hands of the Jesuits via their leading Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists smuggled into Russia from Jesuit-ruled New York City—Lenin and Trotsky’s Bolsheviks.   So great was the rejoicing of the Order over the fall of Moscow and the murders of over 5,000 anti-Pope priests and nuns, that “anti-communist” Jesuit Edmund A. Walsh (resident in Moscow in 1922 under the subtle excuse of a Papal Relief effort given exclusive jurisdiction from the Pope to “negotiate” with the Bolsheviks, Walsh installing Stalin as the Secretary of the Communist party that same year!) called this “the greatest historical event since the fall of the Roman Empire.”

“Key to the fall of the Romanoff dynasty and the beheading of the anti-Pope Orthodox Church was the Sovereign Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem.   The Tzar, who was the protector and member of the Order, participated in this high crime of treason against his own people for which he and his family were rewarded with a secret escape.   Meanwhile, the Knights aided the new secret police, the Cheka (manned by certain former Okhrana officials), headed by a Polish Roman Catholic who was indeed a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor—the monster Felix Dzerzhinski.   Overseeing this bloody murderer was King SMOM George V via his British Secret Intelligence Service in the person of Sydney Reilly.

“To throw dust in the eyes of the pedestrian observer, Lenin expelled the Russian Orthodox Branch of the Knights of Malta in 1917, it then taking up residence in Paris until the end of the Pope’s Cold War Hoax premised upon the “Mutual Airborne Nuclear War” Hoax.  After Knight of Malta George H. W. Bush followed orders in ending the Cold War Hoax (which JFK attempted to end prematurely) in December, 1989, on the island nation of Malta—in the very presence of the Knights of Malta, the brotherhood was readmitted into Russia: it is at this moment headquartered in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

“Without the aid and comfort of the Russian Orthodox tongue of the Knights of Malta working with the Protestant English tongue of the Knights of Malta,   THERE COULD HAVE BEEN NO SUCCESSFUL BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION AND THE ENSUING MASS-MURDER OF THE ANTI-JESUIT RUSSIAN PEOPLE FOR NEARLY A CENTURY!”