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Information for Readers in Regard to Casper Update of March 24, 2008 (Updated 3/30/08)(Includes Articles by "S"

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There are 24 pages of information with 10 articles list per page.



1. COMMENTS: Casper Update Jan 24, 2008


 2. Comments: Jan. 19, 2007 "Going to Zero Point Within_Reboot


3. Comments on lst Casper Update of Jan. 18, 2008

 4. Comments On: "Financial MEltdown: The End of a 300 Year Ponzi Scheme

5. Comment Re: Final (3rd) Casper Update Jan. 16, 2007

6. Comments Re: Casper Updates Jan. 15 and 16

7. Comment: Story_Wanta Update_More Snakes in the Grass??

8. State of the Union Address: Another Ploy? Why A Financial Literacy Czar Now?

9. Hypothetical and Speculation_Are We the People A Wild Card, Now Awakened?

10. The Lieber Code (This is from S.)

11.  Senate Documents -= 73rd Congress, lst Session, March 9-June 16, 1933 ( Sent by  S.)

12. The Three United States (Document sent by S.)

13, The Relationship Of Master and Slave - Chapter (From S)

14. Comments: LIeber Code Authority Underscores The United States Since Lincoln by S

15. Comments On "Hoover Planned Massive Arrests" by S

16.  My Last Comment to the Readers of Fourwinds

17.  Going Bankrupt:  Comments by S

18.  Affidavit of X-Federal Reserve Banking Attorney_Judicial Proceeding Dec. 2003

19. Hoover Planned Mass Jailing in 1950 --Further Comments by "S"

20.  The Red Amendment  by L. B. Bork

21.  Believe and Make It So -- by S

22. Brief Historical Analysis of U.S. Law (Legal Information Concerning Funding and NESARA)

23: Comment:  Fourwinds Post Jan. 22, 2008

24. Comment and  Breaking News--Economic Stimulus Plan Agreement Imminent--More Of the Same Artifice & Scheme at Work?

25.  Comments by "S" on Congressional Recess video - "Uncle Jay Explains the News"

26. Comment by "S":  House Passes HR 660_Court Security Improvement Act of 2007

27.  COMMENTS by "S" on the Christopher Story Update of Feb. 14, 2008

 28.  U.S. Intelligence_"National Security"_Surveillance - by "S"

29.  U.S. Intelligence_"National Security"_Surveillance - by "S"

30 U.S. Code Collection with Comments by "S"






*NOTE:  Research has been conducted directly on DUNN & BRADSTREET website for “company” listings and access to more detailed informational profiles on any selected listing.


EXAMPLE PAGE:  The below is a copy/paste of a single page which opened up when selecting the listing for “JUDICIARY COURTS OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA”.  Please take note of the very bottom to verify this is from DUNN & BRADSTREET in fact.  The main DUNN & BRADSTREET caption did not pull over to this page with the copy/paste. Also, please note that the name of the listed company is always spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, or in Upper and Lower case letters, which are evidence of two diverse and distinct “legal entities”, even though they may have the same sounding ‘name’.    Below this example page is but one of a a broad selection of listings, beginning with what is commonly presumed to be the ‘top down’ of the ‘government’.  These listings are consistent with:  28 USC 3002 (15)(A-C) and 26 USC 7701 for legal meaning of “United States”, as well as consistent with the Supreme Court decision of the Hooven case in 1945, attached in the document above titled, “THE THREE UNITED STATES”.


Due to time and expense, initial research and results have been limited to mere superficial levels of ‘Listings’ or “selected listings”.  Detailed information is available for each listing on a fee basis.



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IRS and D-U-N-S Number



---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: trep777 <>

Date: Mar 21, 2008 10:37 PM

Subject: IRS and D-U-N-S Number

To: Undisclosed-Recipient



Now folks I want you to see on attachment that IRS INCs are registered on Dunn & Brad as full fledged Corporations as DBAs.

Now you tell me how they can operate under Title 26 not being a part of any Government acting as 3rd party Debt Collectors.

For those that wish to pull your state up on Dunn & Brad open web site

go to the right side and type in INTERNAL REVENUE go down to state and click on your state. By the way your State Governor is also probably listed as a Corporation.


The following are additional articles to read.  Additions will be made as they become available.


1.  The Jay Treaty; November 19, 1794

2.  Paris Peace Treaty

3.    Northwest Ordinance; July 13, 1787

4.  Explanation and History of War Powers On the American People

5.  Seward’s Order

6.  Cabinet Office paper: Conditions for military action


 8. Confiscation Act of 1861

9.  Links to USA INC


10.  Team Law

11.  Institutionalized Tyranny:  The Character & Color of Authority

12,  The Masters of Deceit


 13.  The Debates i the Federal convention of 1787 reported by James Madison:  Sept. 14

14.  Knowledge = Freedom (webiste)

       The laws, events and leadership in America now are totally foreign to what our Founding Fathers gave us. Today we live under the "control" of a few that are doing precisely what our Founders predicted if we became apathetic. You and I allowed the problems that exist and now we must correct them non-violently or accept them for our children. All partisan, racial and spiritual boundaries must be (and are being) crossed for the return of citizens with only one label; American, with only one purpose; Freedom.


15.  Freedom and External Self-Empowerment


Sam Adams: Rendering Caesar His Due

Gary Allen: Rockefeller File

William Avery: Dispatch of Merchants

Brad Barnhill: Letter to Get Out of the Draft

Frederic Bastiat: The Law

Kent D. Bentkowski: Will You Survive the Coming Financial Crash?

John Berkowitz: The Truth About 9-11

Edward Bernays: Propoganda

Robert Bissett: Letters to Jessica, A Child's Guide to Freedom

Boston T. Party: You & the Police

John Bouvier: Law Dictionary, Rev. 6th Ed., 1856

Charles Bridge: Treatise on Legal Remedies of Mandamus, Habeas Corpus, Certiori & Quo Warranto

Ellen Brown: Dollar Deception: How Banks Secretly Create Money

Zbigniew Brzezinski: The Grand Chessboard

Barton Buhtz: UCC Investigative Report, 5/26/03

Smedley Butler: War Is A Racket; pdf

Dave Champion: American Radio

Frank Chodorov: Income Tax - Root of All Evil

Common Law Venue: documents

Peter Cook: What Banks Don't Want You to Know

William Cooper: Behold a Pale Horse; Secret Government; Secret Societies, NWO

Richard Cornforth: Secrets of the Legal Industry

Mary Elizabeth Croft: How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man

Sam Davis: Status Is Freedom

Étienne De La Boetie: Discourse on Voluntary Servitude

Frederick Douglass: This Fourth of July is yours, not mine

Albert Einstein: Warning of Zionist Fascism; Bjerknes: St. Einstein

Sheldon Emery: Billions for Bankers – Debts for the People; Real Story of the Money Control Over America

Myron Fagan: Illuminati & the Council on Foreign Relations

Edward Feser: Taxation, Forced Labor & Theft

Erik Fortman: Some Paine-ful Common Sense

Fraser & Beeston: The Brotherhood & the Manipulation of Society

Thomas Freed: Simple Truth

Freedom School: website

Douglas Gnazzo: Gold: Sovereign of Sovereigns

William Goodloe: Jury Nullification: Empowering the Jury as the 4th Branch of Government

G. Edward Griffin: Creature From Jekyll Island (audio)

Paul Grignon: Money as Debt

Greg Hansen: Family Guardian; Great IRS Hoax; Why You Aren't Subject to the Draft; Sovereignty Forms & Instructions; Sovereign = Foreign

Anthony L. Hargis: His Especial Sovereign

Peter Hendrickson: Lost Horizons; Criminal Rites of Spring; A Subterfuge; "Trade or Business" Approach

Patricia Henry: Give Me Liberty During My Life - Advice to the Young Who Want to Live Free

Jack Herer: Emperor Wears No Clothes

Andrew Hitchcock: History of the House of Rothschild

David Icke: website

Informer: Notes of Debt Are Not Income - Check Endorsements; Against the Grain Press; History of Lawful Tender

Alex Jones: Endgame, Blueprint for Government Enslavement; Infowars; Prison Planet

John Kaminski: 2nd Wave

Paul Kappel:

Sam Kennedy: Take No Prisoners audio archives

Johnny Liberty: Global Sovereign's Handbook

Willie Lynch: The Making of a Slave speech, 1712

Rick Martin: Black Pope: Most Powerful Man in the World?

Louis T. McFadden: Remarks in Congress on the Federal Reserve Corporation, 1934

Jack McLamb: How to Avoid the Draft; audio

Rob Menard: Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception, video; pdf (scroll down)

George Mercier: Invisible Contracts; pdf

Merrill: Are You Lost At Sea?

Francois Micheloud: John D. Rockefeller & the Standard Oil Company

Paul Andrew Mitchell: 31 Questions & Answers about the IRS

Eustace Mullins: pdf; Secrets of the Federal Reserve; another

Michael Nield: Police State Road Map

Albert Nock: Our Enemy, The State

Thomas Paine: Ageof Reason; Common Sense; The Crisis; On Freemasonry; The Rights of Man

Thelen Paulk: A Visitor from the Past

Paine's Torch: Grateful Slave

Edward Popp: Great Cookie Jar

Privacy World: website

Carroll Quigley: The Anglo-American Establishment selections

Ayn Rand: On Money

Wilhelm Reich: The Mass Psychology Of Fascism

Jeff Rense: Program

Fredric L. Rice: How to Disappear in America Without a Trace

David Allen Rivera: Final Warning: A History of the New World Order

Fred Rodell: Woe Unto You, Lawyers

Walter White, Jr.: Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview

Aaron Russo: Aaron Russo and Rockefeller, Microchip & 9/11; Russo & Nicholas Rockefeller; America - Freedom to Fascism

Ralph Schoenman: Hidden History of Zionism

Winston Shrout: Solutions in Commerce

Sovereignty Education & Defense Ministry SEDM; Forms

Lysander Spooner: A Defence for Fugitive Slaves; Constitution of No Authority; Letter to Bayard; Letter to Grover Cleveland; Natural Law; No Treason; Taxation; Trial By Jury; Unconstitutionality of Slavery; Vices Are Not Crimes; Frederick Mann: The Greatest Lawyer That Has Ever Been

Marc Stevens: Adventures In Legal Land

Sui Juris: downloads

Anthony C. Sutton: Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler

Sun Tzu: Art of War

Terra Libra staff: Commercial Liens: A Most Potent Weapon

Ticket Slayer: website

Tools for Freedom: website

Truth Radio: website

Hartford Van Dyke: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars; Van Dyke Letters

Claire Wolfe: Living the Outlaw Life; Freeing Your Inner Outlaw

AIDS: Alan Cantwell – Man-made Origin of AIDS; Cantwell - How & Why AIDS was Created; Cantwell - Secret Origin of AIDS

Aspartame: Formaldehyde in My Sweetener; My Aspartame Experiment

Banking: Banker's Manifesto of 1892; Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: Modern Money Mechanics; Introduction to Mathematically perfected Economy

Commerce & the UCC: Affidavit of Corporate Denial; Interpretive Writings on Redemption; Maxims of Commerce; Mastering the UCC; UCC Study Guide

Elite Controllers: Edward Mandell House quote; Global Elite: Who Are They?; Occult Technology of Power; Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; Ring of Power; Rothschild Dynasty; Zeitgeist, the Movie

Fluoride: Dees; Christopher Bryson – Fluoride Deception; Barbara Peterson – Don’t Swallow; Fluoride Accumulates in the Pineal Gland; Major Rudy; Perkins Letter

Government: 14 Signposts to Slavery; Anti-Government Movement Guidebook; Voter Registration attachment; Citizen's Guide to Using the Freedom of Information Act & the Privacy Act to Request Government Documents; Person; Police Use of Lies; Treatise on Government; Policy Manual (for Living Without a Social Security Number)

Income Taxes: Dear Fool; April 15th Ritual of the Enslaved; Exempt from Signing Perjury Statement; Federal & State Withholding Options for Private Employers; Flawed Tax Arguments to Avoid; Galileo Paradigm; Good As Gold, trumping the IRS; Debunking IRS Lies; DOJ Criminal Tax Manual; IRS Chief Counsel Criminal Tax Bulletins; IRS Decoding Manual 6209-2003; IRS Organization Blueprint; IRS Pink Papers; IRS Tax Protesters Handbook; Nonresident Alien Position; Master File (MF) Decoder software; IMF Decoding; Report on the Tax Exempt Nature of Wages & Salaries; Tax Deposition Questions; State Income Taxes; "Trade or Business" scam; What to Do When the IRS Comes Knocking; Spirit of '43 - Donald Duck Sells Income Tax

Law: 7 Elements of Jurisdiction; Black's Law Dictionary, 2nd ed., 1910; Citizen's Rule Book; Common Law Abatement; Jailhouse Lawyer's Handbook; Lawyer's Secret Oath; Jurisdictionary; Pro Se Handbook (Manual for Litigant Filing Without Counsel); Should I Hire An Attorney?

Mind Control: The Power of Suggestion; Bowart History of Mind Control; Sutphen - The Battle for Your Mind; How to Detect; Levy - The War on Consciousness; Forum Archives; Tietjen - Defending Against Mind Control; Cathy O'Brien Interview

Microchip: Mondex; Already here; FDA Approval; Agenda; Haggerty - A Generation; North American Union & VChip Truth

Male Circumcision: Library of Halexandria

MSG: Slow Poisoning of America

Notary Protest: Notary Certificate of Dishonor Process; Forms; Honor-Dishonor

Surveillance: Fusion Centers

Travel: USA Passport attachment; How to Apply as a "National"

Vaccines: Dees; Alan Cantwell – Vexing Over Vaccines; Hadwen – Fraud of Vaccination, 1923; Jon Rappaport interview of ex-vaccine researcher; Howenstine - Why Avoid Vaccines; Mercola - How to Legally Avoid Immunizations

Wizard of Oz: A Modern Day Parable; The Coded Movie, by Robert Kelly; Redemption In Law; Quentin P. Taylor: Money and Politics in the Land of Oz; famguardian; wikipedia

Underground Satellite; Pharmacratic Inquisition

Don Henley: Inside Job

Eminem: Mosh audio, lyrics