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Gathering of Eagles June 2008 at Bear Butte, South Dakota

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If you can attend do or spread the word  I have an video of 2000 gathering anyone interested in viewing it please let me know when is best time for yall  Sunday afternoon eve is best for me but majority decides or if enough interest two showings   email me back check out the website


John Pappan -Warrior of Light
Honor Mother Earth

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We are trying to get in touch with you to find out if you can come to  the Gathering of Eagles this year.The Gathering is at Bear  Butte, so is very special this year. We really want you to be there. The Dates are June 26-29th. I am attaching a flyer. We are going to have an  article about the Gathering in Manataka's June newsletter. We have a  link up to them on our site. Check out our site at

We are also trying to get in touch with Todd and the Ponca people. We  have lost their contact info. Do you know how to get in touch with them?  If you do, please let them know about the Gathering.

Please email us back or call us at 605.341.0724

Mitakuye Oyasin

Clay and Mary Ellen