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The Robot Revolution is a real threat, and possibly a big reason why the elite want Hillary

Jim Stone

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July 30k 2016

Several European countries are launching proposals for guaranteed income for everyone, and even though that is a communist dream come true, if the robot revolution really happens and happens soon (as I suspect it will) a guaranteed income is going to be the only way many people make it. If you are stuck in a manufacturing job, store tending job, or food service job, or even an office or representative type job your job will be the first on the chopping block. And if the elite do not want to deal kindly with those who lose their jobs to robots early on, it will take a murdering psychopath president like Hillary to make the transition to robotics go more smoothly. Smoothly, as in no compunctions about communist style purges and massive fema camps, just like everyone feared all along.

Here are the jobs, from my extensive technical experience that will be the LAST to be replaced by robots. You had better transition soon.

These jobs require totally unappreciated skills it will take robots 30 or more years to replace.

1. Auto mechanic (your last option, that job sucks.)

2. Plumber.

3. Industrial electrician.

4. Other electricians.

5. EEA - Electronics Equipment Analyst (probably a huge boom coming in this $60 plus an hour field, which requires full industrial electrical skills on top of advanced electronic skills including robotics repair and maintenance and the IBEW will give you all your training, with pay, FREE.) gotta be one sharp cookie for that job though.

6. Construction worker, all types including roads, houses, etc.

7. Electrical line man (THAT IS A TOUGH ONE, FAT CHANCE ROBOTS WILL EVER DO THAT JOB and it pays real good.) That totally under appreciated job would need star wars level tech to accomplish with a robot.

8. Millwright.

9. High danger random environment crane operator. This would include all boom cranes, and many bridge cranes.

10. Any form of basic industrial maintenance, no matter how low level.

11. All surveying and inspection jobs, such as dam inspection, land inspection, bridge inspection and determining overall safety of anything infrastructure related.

12. Photographer. Too many judgement skills required to do the job in a way anyone will appreciate for a robot to handle.

13. Paramedic and EMT. Long time coming before robots will do that.

14. Mobile farm working veterinary.

15. Botanist. And this is an expanding field, you will find work.

16. Microbiologist

17. Field welder (hot stick, random job)

18. HVAC tech.

19. Any type of installation job.

There are many other jobs of this type that will take 30 years to replace with robots. This is because they often require work under hostile conditions and work where full time excellent judgment is needed, as well as things like total mobility, balance, and dexterity. Robots still totally fail with this, and nothing is on the drawing board that will accomplish these jobs (or this type of job) including those not listed.

Jobs that are marketed as high skill jobs that a robot could replace today, (and some of these will surprise you but what I am saying is bang on)

1. Accountant. Accountants do calculations. One proper robot could replace 20 with today's tech.

2. Bank executive - works from a policy script that can easily be put in a robot that would speed things up 10X.

3. Family doctor (the type that looks or asks for symptoms and assigns big pharma meds from a script.) Seriously, that job takes no skill a robot could not replace as it is today, most doctors are not real "doctors" and a robot could replace them with ease. Naturalist doctors will take a while longer to replace, because in reality they are a lot more skilled than most big pharma drug pushing doctors.

4. Any office related paper shuffling job, robots could, right now, today, replace virtually all office workers.

5. Semi truck driver

6. Sales positions of all types are already being done by robots.

7. Any and all representative jobs are currently being done very well by personality androids similar in function to C3PO and these robots absolutely will wipe out the job of "company representative". They do not have failing memories, and remember faces forever, conversations forever, and are already far superior in many ways to their human counterparts. Furthermore, the next best model will receive the previous model's life experiences when it is time to throw the old one in the trash.

8. Stock trader. Robots already rule this "advanced" field.

9. Train operator, including subway trains that operate around people. Robotic trains of this type have been in use for 20 years.

10 Airline pilot.

11. Child care worker.

12 Teacher (robots are already doing this in China, and getting great results.)

13. Lawyer. Robots could kick human butt in this field, and soon will.

14. Any job that requires interaction with people, who can think their way around robot deficiencies (such as people knowing they have to sit in a chair before their hair can be cut.) Yes, hair cutting robots will be a reality soon.

15. Hillary Clinton. Everyone knows she is some sort of thoughtless android that follows orders. And from the most recent pictures of Hillary, android faces are more real and convincing to boot.

16. I would not bet on many programming jobs being around much longer, at the top they will still need people but software is becoming so assistive now that it takes fewer and fewer people to get it done. Computer programming will plateau and then fade.

Where job security will be:

Surprisingly, all fields regarded as "craft" fields - in other words, the scowled upon grunt work, require skills a robot can't accomplish, and will not accomplish any time soon.

I made this list because many people think assembly and food prep workers will be the first to go. But what most people are not talking about right now is the fact that many many "skilled" jobs are going out the door just as fast now and it will be the jobs feminists and liberals scoff at that will become what is needed to make it. 1 robot will easily replace 5 average "liberal" office jobs. In the not so distant past, these jobs were done by people who were sent to the office because they could not handle a "man's job" and they did not get paid jack. That is a cold hard FACT. And it is about to go full circle now, where a "man's job" once again rules.

If you want job security for a while, go into any job that requires sweat and brains in a random environment. Yes, even the plumber will rule over the accountant and sales rep.

For a little more status, visit the IBEW and start pulling wire as an apprentice NOW. They will probably be hiring, because a lot of millenials are too precious for such work. If you can't figure out circuits, you could be a welder. If you can't do those, you could be a plumber. If you can't do that, maybe you would be a good auto mechanic. Auto mechanic should be the last on your list, it is a comparatively low paying often brain busting sweat bloody knuckle job. Any "craft" job will pay you to learn as an apprentice. Look it up and hop to it, because a displaced robotic future is awaiting those who fail to act NOW.

July 29 2016