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Obama's birth-certificate man now works at burger joint [MacDonalds]

Joe Kovacs

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June 9, 2015

Former U.S. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

Robert Gibbs, the former U.S. press secretary who claimed to be the one who put President Barack Obama’s birth certificate online, has just been reborn as the top mouthpiece for McDonald’s.

Calling Gibbs “highly respected” and “talented,” McDonald’s President and CEO Steve Easterbrook on Tuesday named the ex-Obama aide as executive vice president and global chief communications officer.

Easterbrook said the addition of Gibbs brings “experience and outside perspective to McDonald’s as we build a more modern, progressive burger company.”

“Returning excitement to our business proposition and brand is foundational to our turnaround plan, and Robert … will play critical roles in bringing this strategy to life,” he added.

Gibbs became a household face during the national controversy over Obama’s eligibility to be president, and said he personally was responsible for putting Obama’s birth certificate on the Internet.

In March 2012, an investigative “Cold Case Posse” launched by “America’s toughest sheriff” – Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County – concluded there is probable cause the document released by the White House in 2011 as Obama’s birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery.

As Obama’s press secretary in 2009, Gibbs refused to confirm that a letter posted by the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu – purportedly from President Obama claiming the facility as his birthplace – is, in fact, real.

A letter purportedly signed by Barack Obama indicating the president’s claim he was born at the Kapi’olani Center for Women and Children in Honolulu. The authenticity of the letter has never been verified.

During a news conference, Gibbs said, without responding directly to WND’s question about the veracity of the letter, “Goodness gracious. I’m going to be, like, in Year Four describing where it is the president was born. I don’t have the letter at my fingertips, obviously, and I don’t know the name of the exact hospital.”

When WND’s Les Kinsolving asked when Gibbs could check, he responded:

“I will seek to interview whoever brought the president into this world. But can we just – I want to do this once and for all, Lester. Let’s just do this once and for all. You can go on this – I hope you’ll take the time not just to Google ‘President, January 24, Hawaii hospital, birth’ and come up with this letter, but go on the Internet and get the birth certificate.”

In his new role at McDonald’s, Gibbs will lead the fast-food chain’s corporate-relations group, which manages internal and external communications and government and public affairs.

Bloomberg News indicated McDonald’s is struggling to turn around its business after 11 straight months of declining global comparable-store sales.

Ironically, the hiring of Gibbs comes as first lady Michelle Obama has been urging Americans to avoid eating fast food.

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