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Terrance Wise

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Major news: Convenience stores just joined the fast food strike and are SHUT DOWN across the country this morning as workers walked off their jobs and called for $15 an hour and a union.


They're joining thousands of fast food workers in more than 190 cities who went on strike this morning.


This is BIG, Brittany. Let's make it even BIGGER. We're blanketing the media with strike news right now and need your help - share our strike image far and wide:


We all know that McDonald's is raking in obscene profits - and paying its employees poverty wages. But they're not the only employer stiffing their workers in this economy.


Today, convenience store employees joined us fast food workers in the fight for $15. I'm proud to stand with them. No matter where a person works - whether it's McDonald's or Speedway, Walmart or a school - if they work hard, they deserve fair pay.


If you're with me on this, then share this image with your friends on Facebook. When you share, you help grow the fight for $15, so share TODAY:


Home care workers joined the fight in September. Convenience store workers joined the fight today. We're all outraged because the big companies we work for reap record profits and still refuse to pay us enough to live.


If you're outraged too, then share this graphic on Facebook. When you share, you help build the movement that can hold the most out-of-touch companies to the fire - and make sure families are paid enough to keep food on the table.


You help build the movement that will help us ALL win.


So share this right now - and thanks for speaking up:


Terrance Wise

Burger King employee, Kansas City, MO

Low Pay is Not Ok