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The countdown has begun . . .

Mat Staver

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My team continues to fight for freedom from forced medical procedures. The cries for help to escape forced injections haunt me every waking moment. Like a fireman frantically rescuing people from a burning building and hearing their screams—this is how my team and I feel trying to help so many people across America who are pleading for help.

All day every day, my staff take call after call, praying, helping and even crying with these precious people. We try to give them hope, and walk them through the religious exemption process. My team is drafting demand letters and helping as many people as possible.

These people are counting down the hours. Some will be fired shortly unless we are successful right now! The pressure on my team is immense. We are the only hope left for many of these people to save their jobs. But YOU are what makes it possible to fight and win these battles for freedom! Join LCA’s Challenge Grant to double the impact of your gift today. — Mat

Give to LCA today to help stop this injustice.

Here is a glimpse of the requests flooding our office on a daily basis:

  • A husband and wife work for the same company with a new baby on the way. They are both being told to take this shot, which already resulted in about 3,000 miscarriages. They must choose between injecting something that could kill their child or keeping their baby safe with no income or health benefits!

  • A father is under care for an ongoing medical issue by a pulmonologist. He must be evaluated every time he has congestion to ensure his condition does not deteriorate. He has been sick for two weeks, but his doctor refuses to evaluate him because he is not jabbed. There are no referral papers. This is medical abandonment.

  • One man’s company said religious and medical exemptions won’t be taken seriously. He has already recovered from COVID and has a medical condition. Now he has to choose between his job of 16 years, including income and insurance, and possibly his life if the jab triggers a deadly reaction with his medical condition.

  • A shipping company is requiring proof of the shots to keep this lady’s management job. It refused religious and medical accommodation.

  • … And we have THOUSANDS more people like this who need urgent help on a tight deadline right now. We are being stretched like a rubber band at its breaking point.

We never charge anyone who needs help. Instead, we rely 100% on donations from friends and supporters to help us fight to restore freedom here in America. Join our Challenge Grant to DOUBLE the impact of your gift to help them now. Give to LCA today to help stop this injustice.

We MUST STOP THE MANDATES. They are abusive, inhumane and unlawful.

People facing these mandates are under incredible pressure. A Denver police officer feared losing his job and got the jab. Now he is nearly paralyzed. Once these shots are injected, there is no turning back the clock. As of November 12, VAERS reports 18,853 people died after taking these shots, 894,143 had adverse reactions and more than 30,000 are now permanently disabled. And these numbers are the tip of the iceberg.

  • “30 hours after receiving vaccine [I] woke coughing up blood.”

  • “I have numbness/burning pain in my feet, hands, left side of the face and lips, cannot control body temperature along with constant dizziness, brain fog and an increase in IBS symptoms. [My test] came back positive for small fiber neurology, and they attribute it to the Covid vaccination. Pfizer’s trial data shows one person that had this, and they claim it only lasted 2 weeks and subsided. … Impossible, it is a life-altering disease. I will probably never be able to work or function normally again."

  • “I was taken to ER the day after my 2nd shot [and at first] they thought I'd had a heart attack. I've lost about a month of work since Feb. I'm exhausted all the time. I work when I can and spend every off minute in bed. I have heavy chest, diarrhea, nausea, brain fog, equilibrium problems, headaches, ringing in ears, [and a] low grade fever.”

  • And there are hundreds of thousands more ...


No one should be forced to choose between the jab or their job. No one should be forced to play the biological equivalent of Russian roulette.

We are helping tens of thousands of people pleading for help. We are providing critical research on multiple legal cases challenging the mandates. And we are working with key members of Congress, state legislators and governors to stop the mandates.

We need YOUR HELP to DEFEND AGAINST MANDATORY SHOTS and VACCINE PASSPORTS. Please, give generously today to preserve our FREEDOM!

If you want your voice heard directly by key leaders who can push back against these mandates, then send your faxes urgently demanding NO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS! Select here or the button below.

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


P.S. Stand with us to defend the urgent requests of these precious people with your gift that will be DOUBLED.

And if you haven’t already, send urgent faxes to key leaders today. Then sign the petition to demand NO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS.

Spread the word for WalkOutWednesday—a national walkout for freedom. Visit


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