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Portland Rittenhouse Protest

Escalates Into Riot

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following very important exposé may appear to be irrelevant to the Kyle Rittenhouse case; however, reasons for packing the jury are many and diverse.  In the Rittenhouse trial, the presented hard evidence provided overwhelming proof of Kyle’s innocence.  Therefore, a lone government plant, even if he was the jury foreman, would draw extremely heavy suspicion were he to be the only juror not to vote for acquittal on all charges (as was done by the jury). See: ROGUE JUROR #54: All it takes is one government PLANT on a jury to sabotage the deliberation process or prevent an obvious acquittal.

However, what that planted juror did do was draw out the verdict deliberation process to a 3-day period.  Any experienced criminal defense attorney will tell you that three days is TOTALLY unheard for such an open and shut case.  The verdict should have been delivered same day.

What this means is that the government-planted juror intentionally drew out the deliberation process as long as he could so as to present the appearance that there was serious doubt among the jurors.  As follows:

By planting the seed of doubt in this stealthy manner, AntiFa terrorists, BLM bolsheviks and SUNRISE anarchists are now ready and waiting to riot across America.  They are falsely calling Kyle Rittenhouse a ‘murderer’, which he is clearly not, in part because of the long deliberation period.

Even more shockingly, agent provocateur Joe Biden quite slyly proclaimed that he is “angry and concerned” with the unequivocal verdict.  Then Biden goes on to say that “we have to abide by it” as though the verdict is a profoundly unjust one.

Provocateur-in-Chief Biden also wrongfully called the 18-year-old Rittenhouse a “white supremacist”.  How recklessly inflammatory is that?!  There was not a single piece of evidence introduced during the trial that indicated any type of affiliation.  See: Rittenhouse lawyer slams Biden for calling teen ‘white supremacist’

Do you see how the Democrat communists are craftily inflaming racial tensions toward a planned race war? See: This is a senior Democrat calling for riots because they don’t like a verdict. 

State of the Nation

November 20, 2021

N.B. What follows is the aforementioned exposé that is entirely relevant in the Rittenhouse case, although it may appear not to be.

Jury Tampering Is The Only Way Democrats Can Win—Just Like They

Steal Elections Via Massive Vote Fraud

What we are witnessing is nothing but jury tampering at the Rittenhouse trial.

Submitted by The Armchair Legal Analyst

SOTN Exclusive

District Attorneys, Prosecutors, Judges and even Defense Attorneys and Public Defenders routinely break the law by stacking juries with at least one planted juror.  That juror is usually made the head juror and is therefore called the “foreperson”, “foreman” or “presiding juror”.

All it takes is one juror such as the foreperson to sabotage a just acquittal verdict.  One government plant can hold out against an obvious acquittal while the other eleven jurors adamantly decide for acquittal.

It’s time for this little known fact of common practice within America’s Criminal Justice System to be exposed for all to see and understand so that it can be appropriately responded to.

The Rittenhouse trial has provided the perfect court drama that will reveal this thoroughly corrupt scheme to pack juries in order to illicitly dictate the final verdict.

Wrongfully determining the outcomes of court proceedings just like this has taken place practically forever, only now the lawbreakers are getting MUCH more brazen.

The perpetrators behind this patently criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice knew that an acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse would not bode well for the Democrats who desperately want to cancel the Second Amendment.

That’s because these closet communists do not even want US citizens defending themselves with firearms once they launch their long-planned bolshevik revolution. 

This is the primary reason for the unusually fierce and wholly unwarranted prosecution of the very brave 17-year-old from Antioch, Illinois who only shot in self-defense in the dark of night in Kenosha, WI.

Another malicious motive behind the false prosecution and jury tampering is to justify the outlawing of all semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 style rifle that was used by Kyle.

On a final note, even the Rittenhouse judge caught the mainstream media trying to influence the jury by way of typical intimidation tactics. (See: Judge orders to exclude the two news outlets from the Rittenhouse trial pending further investigation of them following the jury bus.)

State of the Nation

November 19, 2021