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Robert Mueller Just Went Down In Flames Because Of This Bombshell Confession

Kelly Walsh

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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt received a massive boost.

A bombshell story claimed he held the smoking gun that proved Donald Trump colluded with the Russians.

But what happened next took everyone by surprise.

McClatchy reporters Peter Stone and Greg Gordon stunned Washington when they dropped a bombshell story claiming Robert Mueller held evidence that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had traveled to Prague to meet with high-ranking Russian officials in the late summer of 2016.

This allegation first surfaced in the infamous Christopher Steele dossier, however no news agency – nor the FBI or CIA – was able to corroborate it.

That appeared to change when Stone and Gordon’s report claimed four eastern European intelligence agencies had collected evidence proving Cohen had been in Prague.

McClatchy reported these intelligence services had picked up a cell phone signal pinging off a cell tower in Prague that traced back to Cohen’s phone.

The reporters also claimed their sources had turned over intercepted communications of Russian officials discussing Cohen traveling to Prague to Mueller.

Reporters jumped for joy.

They believed the silver bullet that would finally take Trump down was in hand.

But upon closer inspection, the McClatchy story collapsed.

Gordon appeared on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show and revealed the report was based on shaky sourcing.

The reporter confessed that he had not actually seen any of the evidence which supposedly proved Cohen had journeyed to Prague.

Stone and Gordon published their story based on nothing more than blind faith.

“I wish we had. We held out for a while for that, and it came a time when we thought we had a critical mass. It is a competitive business,” the reporter declared.

To make matters worse, Gordon also revealed that their sources did not have firsthand knowledge of the intercepted communications or cell phone tower logs either.

“Some of the sources have government sources, and some of the sources are people who have told us that they have trusted intelligence-type sources that they get information from. We don’t know the specifics, but we have used these sources on many subjects, and they have been very accurate,” Gordon admitted.

Michael Cohen furiously denied the story on social media.

Cohen declared he had never been to Prague and that Robert Mueller “knows everything” – referencing the fact that he sat for 70 hours worth of interviews with Mueller and his gang of 17 angry Democrat prosecutors.

Reid asked Gordon about Cohen’s denial and the reporter tried to claim that since Cohen was a confessed liar, no one could take what he said seriously.

“Michael Cohen as we all know has been convicted of lying about his dealings with the Trump hotel in Russia. He’s been convicted of being deceitful in a number of ways, so his credibility is not high,” Gordon stated.

But Mueller’s supporters quickly realized the rug had been yanked out from under them.

This was just another bombshell story to fizzle out.

Critics believe foreign intelligence sources fed reporters a bunch of bunk because they knew it was what they wanted to hear.

Cohen traveling to Prague for a meeting with Russian officials was the central allegation that fueled the Russia collusion narrative.

If it never took place, then the entire basis of Robert Mueller’s investigation is a fraud.