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Kavanaugh Authors First Majority Opinion as Justice


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Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has authored his first majority opinion as a justice. Kavanaugh survived an awful confirmation process by standing tall and fighting back. This opinion is a vindication of his commitment to the truth.

According to Fox  News:

Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court’s newest justice, has authored his first majority opinion in an arbitration dispute case.

Kavanaugh, who replaced Justice Anthony Kennedy, was sworn in to the Supreme Court in October after a rancorous confirmation battle.

Typically, the newest justice’s first ruling is on a lower-profile appeal. The case is Henry Schein, Inc. v. Archer and White Sales, Inc.

Kavanaugh's eight-page opinion Tuesday resolves a narrow question in a dispute between two businesses in a soured relationship involving dental equipment.

Kavanaugh went on to state that the courts cannot rewrite legislation passed by Congress and signed by the president and in this case must follow the Federal Arbitration Act.