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Mueller’s Surprise Attack On Trump Ended Up In His Most Humiliating Defeat Ever

Kelly Walsh

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Robert Mueller

Special counsel Robert Mueller was all set to deliver the kill shot to Donald Trump.

He was going to file the two documents that would spell the end of the Trump administration.

But Mueller’s surprise attack on Trump blew up in his face and ended up being the most humiliating defeat of his life.

The fake news media worked themselves into a lather about the Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen sentencing memos.

They were convinced that Mueller would use these memos to make his findings public before Donald Trump could decide to fire him and shut down his rigged witch hunt.

But despite the fake news hype, Mueller’s big finding was a bust.

The big reveal in the Cohen sentencing memo was that a Russian national reached out to Cohen in the fall of 2015 about the Trump Tower project in Moscow and offered “political synergy.”

Fake news reporters claimed this was the essence of “collusion.”

Maggie Haberman – one of the top White House reporters for the failing New York Times – exclaimed that, “Synergy sounds a little collusion-y.”

But there are several problems with this narrative.

First, Mueller’s own filing noted that Cohen blew off the proposed offer of “political synergy.”

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The Russian national who approached Cohen was a Russian weightlifter who had no connections with the Kremlin.

Finally, neither the Manafort nor the Cohen sentencing memo mentioned Russian collusion.

Prosecutors were depending on the fake news media to weave a narrative of Russian collusion based on random meetings and legitimate business dealings.

So-called “journalists” claimed the memos showed Russians had reached out to figures in Trump’s orbit who willingly accepted their overtures.

But they conveniently left out the part where the offers were never reciprocated, acted upon, or amounted to anything.

The most Mueller can come up with is Donald Trump wanted to build a hotel in Russia and that the project fell apart in June 2016.

There is nothing illegal about wanting to build a hotel in Russia.

And there is nothing illegal about wanting to build a hotel in Russia while you are running for President.

Mueller is using innuendo and facts devoid of context to weave a narrative that Donald Trump is an agent of the Russian government.

But unfortunately for Mueller, millions of Americans saw through his ploy.

The fake news media built these memos up as Mueller showing his hand as to how much evidence he had gathered to implicate Trump and his campaign in an international conspiracy to rig the 2016 election.

If this is Mueller showing his hand, then he’s ‘holding a two and a seven’ – otherwise known as the worst hand in poker.

You can’t even bluff the worst player in the world out of a pot with those cards.

The real scandal in this entire ordeal is the lawless and un-American conduct of a rogue prosecutor— Robert Mueller.

He is the one who should be investigated and face jail time.