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A Judge Revealed Mueller Will Announce This Unthinkable Indictment

Kelly Walsh

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Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller is hoping to take down Trump in the coming weeks.

He hopes to keep his next moves secret.

But Judge Napolitano just exposed him for the entire world to see.

Robert Mueller is moving in on new targets in his crusade to take down President Donald Trump.

He has already taken down General Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and Michael Cohen.

And he’s preparing to go after figures like Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi.

The only thing all these people have in common is that they are associated with Donald Trump, either directly or through others.

And that’s by no accident.

Mueller is trying to make the case in the media that Trump colluded with Russia.

It doesn’t matter if the crimes he can pin on Trump’s associates have to do with collusion.

The media will spin them as victories in Mueller’s investigation.

But as time goes by and more people get taken down, he is realizing that it isn’t working.

Mueller’s approval rating is going down and people don’t care about him as much as they once did.

So now he has to do something drastic.

And one of the most drastic moves he can make is going after a family member of President Trump.

That’s exactly what Judge Andrew Napolitano says he will do.

On his Fox News show, he claims that Donald Trump Jr. has spoken to his family and friends, informing them that he expects to be indicted by Mueller.

Trump Jr. has been a central part of the investigation.

In 2016, Trump Jr. participated in a meeting in Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer.

The meeting was set up in order to gain some sort of negative information about Hillary Clinton.

But as it turns out, the meeting was completely useless— as has been admitted time and time again.

Mueller doesn’t care enough about the meeting itself to speak with the Russian lawyer.

The lawyer has even questioned why she hasn’t been talked to.

But Mueller only cares about taking down Trump and harming him in any way possible.

Since the first day of his investigation, it has been a biased hoax.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein kicked it off using the FISA surveillance warrant on Trump advisor Carter Page.

The FISA warrant was applied for by using the unverified Russia dossier created by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid the opposition research firm, Fusion GPS, for the dossier.

And even prior to the FISA warrant, Fusion GPS had the unverified dossier in front of the Justice Department.

Nellie Ohr works for Fusion GPS and is married to senior DOJ official Bruce Ohr.

Bruce Ohr was the first official in the Justice Department to review the dossier.

So since day one, the investigation has been corrupt and fake.