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In a much-anticipated announcement, President Trump has chosen the successor for Justice Anthony Kenndy's Supreme Court seat. Trump chose from a list of 25 highly qualified candidates. 


NBC reports that Brett Kavanaugh will be President Trump's choice for the Supreme Court.

  From Maryland, Judge Kavanaugh serves on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. At age 53, the Bush appointee has served in his current role for 15 years. The DC Circuit is typically thought of as the farm team of the Supreme Court, which presidents commonly select their nominees from. Kavanaugh clerked for Justice Kennedy, as Justice Gorsuch did, making him the second Kennedy clerk the president has nominated. 


In the last week, he has narrowed that list down, but the names at the top continued to change.


Next up is a nomination process that will see the Dems doing everything they can to obstruct. The Senate will work fast to confirm the pick, wanting to get it done before the midterms.


This story is developing. Continue to check back with TTN as more updates become available.