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NY: Come to Albany tomorrow for final arguments in NYC flu shot trial

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Wed: Final legal argument on NYC's illegal flu shot mandate
The lawsuit against the New York City's Board of Health's illegally imposed requirement that most pre-schoolers in the city get annual flu shots will be heard by the NY Court of Appeals, the state's highest court, this Wednesday, at 2 pm in Albany. Oral arguments are open to the public. Please come see brilliant attorney Aaron Siri close the deal. He won in Supreme Court, and he won a 5-0 decision in the Appellate Division, and we are confident he will prevail in this final hurdle. He needs a visible show of support for the benefit of the seven Judge panel. Get there at 1:30 pm and sit on the right side of the Court. Arguments will take less than an hour.  Bring friends and family. 
New York Court of Appeals
20 Eagle Street, Albany, NY