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Bundy Update

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You may forward. Not being published.

You can add that a big, fat motion to dismiss will be filed tomorrow too.

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Subject: Re: Bundy Update

Local Time: October 23, 2017 6:45 PM

UTC Time: October 24, 2017 1:45 AM


To: Patricia

Nice wrap. Can I forward this? Is this being published? And if not, why not?

On Mon Oct 23rd 2017 at 8:25 PM, Patricia wrote:

Only stayed for the morning...

Eric Parker and Scott Drexler were both offered plea deals about 3 weeks ago. They turned them down. Then the government came back with a misdemeanor only offer.

That's a sweet deal- jaywalking in Nevada is a misdemeanor.

They will be sentenced Feb 2nd. But it should only be for time served and it may come with 6 mos to a year of supervised release. But the jail time may cover that. It's all pretty vague.

They didn't like the way the government wrote the charges of course, but the terms were good.  As we all know, the government is never doing anything for our benefit that isn't a bigger benefit for them.

The benefit for the gov is that every time the conspiracy is raised, Eric and Scott's attorney's won't be jumping up and putting it on the record (and in the jurors' minds) that Eric and Scott were acquitted of the conspiracy charges.

Eric Parker is torn about the decision, still wants to go to trial but did what was best for his family. He prays with his children and they say the Amen. A few nights ago, little  Freya interjected- "Please, God, don't let my Daddy go back to prison." Eric's wondering when he gets his rifle back.

I didn't get a word with Jess Marchesse, but Todd Levanthal- Scott's attorney  thought it was smart and a phenomenal offer.

Myhre is such a sore loser that he didn't even show up for Eric's plea deal. As you recall, he called Eric "a coward who slithered on his belly". Now he's forced to let him off with a jaywalking ticket.

Next up was the evidentiary hearing for Dan Love, Sociopathic Agent in Charge. Finally, on the witness stand. He actually appeared by video from Fed Court in Salt Lake City.

I actually really admired his restraint. It took him 10 whole minutes to say "I don't recall". He was the usual government agent evasive plus some. Ryan Norwood was examining him. Ryan's a little long winded- takes a while to make a point but overall was doing a good job.

And the surprise of the day was Navarro. A motion to recuse her has been filed. The government has responded and now affidavits by witnesses are pouring in and and the response to the government will be filed tomorrow. Was  it the motion to recuse her having an effect? She actually overruled the government's objection three times in a row! Roger Roots says she's been a much different judge the last two hearings.

It could be that she realizes that she hurt the government's case by being so lopsided- jurors did not trust her.

So we may see a softer, gentler Navarro next week.

Calendar call tomorrow. Should be an all day event.

Freedom and Justice!