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Following Torture of Ammon Bundy, Attorney Chides Court Over Speedy Trial Violations

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Following the abuse and torture of Ammon Bundy at the Southern Nevada Detention Center last week and the declaration of a mistrial by Judge Gloria Navarro in the first round of six defendants in the Bundy Ranch trials, the attorney for reporter and political prisoner Pete Santilli filed a blistering reply to the government’s response to Santilli’s motion to consolidate, and called on the court to not continue to violate the speedy trial rights of his client.

According to the motion, which was filed on Tuesday, attorney Chris Rasmussen, Esq. wrote, “The Government is requesting that the first group of defendants be retried on June 26, 2017. As this Court is aware, the jury was deadlocked on 50 counts, but appeared to have found the defendants not guilty on the conspiracy counts as they had indicated on the verdict form. Apparently, there was some confusion with the instructions and they scratched out their intent to acquit on the conspiracy counts.”

Rasmussen is referring to the verdict forms here.