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Dudley Brown

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Since the inauguration of President Trump, the anti-gun left have come out swinging, desperately clinging to keep Obama’s legacy alive.


They have been showing their arrogance through distasteful displays of disrespect.


When they aren’t refusing to stand for an American war hero’s widow, they are using lies to drag anyone close to the President into the gutter.


And I’m afraid their next target for an all-out assault will be Judge Neil Gorsuch.


As Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Gorsuch -- a proven pro-gun constitutionalist -- will be their number one target when the time comes for his confirmation.


And time is ticking away before their assault will begin -- that’s why it’s time to show Judge Gorsuch you have his back.


So please click here to sign your petition to DEFEND THE U.S. SUPREME COURT right away!


Just minutes after Trump announced his pick, there were already Soros-funded protesters lining the streets waving signs pre-printed with Gorsuch’s name on them!


And of course, that is all the mainstream media wanted to cover following his nomination, ignoring the millions of patriotic Americans cheering the nomination of a true constitutionalist.


That was just a small preview of the assaults I believe we will see hitting Judge Gorsuch in the next few weeks.


With the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting later this month to consider Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation, we must get ready NOW to fight back the dishonest attacks by the liberal media.


This will mean running ad campaign designed to bring more Second Amendment supporters into this fight.


Everything from social media ads, to online banner ads, and even radio and television ads if we can afford it.


Second Amendment supporters like you getting involved is what makes our organization so effective. Without you, the politicians wouldn’t listen to us.


So please click here to sign your petition to DEFEND THE SUPREME COURT without delay!


And once you’re done signing, please consider making a generous contribution of $100.


I know I’m asking a lot, but fighting back against the pending assault by the left on Gorsuch’s confirmation will not be easy, and will take a lot of resources that we, quite frankly, just don’t have right now.


So if $100 is just too much for you right now, I understand.


But please at least consider a donation of $50 or $20 once you’ve signed.


Even if a donation isn’t possible, please be sure to sign your petition IMMEDIATELY!


Your support means the world to me, thanks in advance!


For Freedom,


Dudley Brown


National Association for Gun Rights


P.S. Since the inauguration of President Trump, the anti-gun left have come out swinging, attacking anyone and everyone close to Trump.


Their newest target is Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch.


Judge Gorsuch has a proven record as a champion for the Second Amendment, and that just makes the left more emboldened to attack him and block his confirmation.


So please click here to show Gorsuch you have his back by signing your DEFEND THE SUPREME COURT petition without delay!


And also consider making a generous contribution of $100, $50, or $20 after you sign.