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Judge Hides His Ethnicity (with video)

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A loud audible “gasp” was heard as a stunned crowd reacted to Shazer Everquar’s historic question to Judge Alan Blankenship.  Mr. Everquar stood up and demanded to know…”Judge Alan Blankenship…are you a Jew?”  Judge Blankenship responded with, “I’m not gonna answer that.”  Mr. Everquar replied, “Let the record show that the judge was non-responsive to the question.”

The raucous and controversial motion hearing in Stone County Circuit Court began with Deputy Head, the bailiff, slapping handcuffs on the defendant, Shazer Everquar.  The defendant had placed a digital recording device on the table where he was seated.  Deputy Head proceeded to tell Mr. Everquar to turn off the device.  Mr. Everquar requested the deputy to cite the authority by which he was ordering the defendant to turn off the device.  Judge Blankenship intervened and asked the defendant to approach the bench.  Then Judge Blankenship granted the defendant permission to turn the device on.

Next, the judge proceeded to grant Mr. Everquar’s three motions for In Forma Pauperis, which means that the defendant has the status of a poor person before the court and thus has the ability to receive services from the court that he would not have been able to afford otherwise.  However, this was not at all a display of largess on the part of the judge but rather a peremptory strike against the Defendant’s Motion to Recuse (the judge) for Cause.

Then, aided by Assistant Prosecutor Dayrell Scrivner, the judge slyly boxed the defendant into a corner by insisting on taking up his Motion to Recuse for Cause next.  Mr. Everquar had preferred to wait until some other items were discussed but due to the judge’s unwillingness to budge, the defendant withdrew his motion, based upon what would later turn out to be merely a fleeting display of good nature by the judge.

Sure enough, when Everquar proceeded to direct the court’s attention to multiple violations of discovery by the Branson West prosecutor, Kari Walden; Judge Alan Blankenship responded by providing a sumptuous menu of carte blance rulings in favor of the City of Branson West.

Stone County Assistant Prosecutor Dayrell Scrivner then brought up the state’s Motion for Amended Discovery of Everquar’s background.  The Defendant laughed and actually encouraged the prosecutor to do so, provided he names the sources of that information.

Stone County Prosecutor Matt Selby questioned Everquar accusatorily, “You keep saying ‘we’…who is ‘we’?”  Everquar smiled as he responded…”Me and God.”  Selby, apparently a Non-Christian, rolled his eyes in disgust.

At that point, Judge Blankenship attempted to close the hearing but the defendant had one more trick up his sleeve.  Seated at the defendant’s table, Mr. Everquar stood up and asked in a firm voice, “Judge Alan Blankenship…are you a Jew?”

When the Defendant turned around to look, some of the faces of the spectators were ashen white with shock.  Mr. Everquar then attempted to establish the foundation upon which he possesses the right to have asked the judge that question.  But the judge was not particularly interested in Mr. Everquar’s legal rights at that moment and proceeded to threaten him with contempt of court.  Having already been handcuffed once by the bailiff, the defendant decided not to push the issue and sat down.  Judge Blankenship then ruled the hearing closed and the defendant gracefully gathered up his papers and peacefully left the stunned courtroom.

Today’s historic motion hearing comes in the wake of Judge Alan Blankenship’s unilateral cancellation of Mr. Everquar’s previous hearing, which was scheduled for 4:00 PM, November 12th, 2009.  Although the judge’s courtroom tactics were carefully executed, he unwittingly delivered into the defendant’s hands a string of substantial evidence which can be utilized to demonstrate to a higher court, a pattern of intentionally biased decisions in favor of the City of Branson West.

Disproportionate number of Jews in Stone County Judicial System?

Are there a disproportionate number of Jews in the Stone County Judicial System?

Beyond the mounting paper trail that indicts Judge Blankenship, his refusal to go on the record regarding his ethnicity is just the tip of the iceberg for the Stone County Circuit Court.

Recorded filings prove that it was the City of Branson West, who first introduced Judaism as a line of evidence.  Judge Blankenship’s non-responsive answer regarding his Judaic heritage bodes ill for the 39th Circuit, as the Defendant’s rights were clearly abridged today.  The judge cannot lawfully allow the prosecutor, Ms. Walden to enter Judaism as an issue and then prohibit Mr. Everquar, the defendant, from pursuing the same line of evidence.

Blankenship has aptly demonstrated his overt bias in favor of the City of Branson West and probably with good reason.  Before Alan Blankenship was a Stone County judge, he practiced law in Branson West.

An unbelievable number of Stone County heavy-hitters were on hand for the hearing: Branson West Judge Mark Rundle, Stone County Prosecutor Matt Selby, Stone County Assistant Prosecutor Dayrell Scrivner, Stone County Victim Advocate Amy Romesburg, City of Branson West Prosecutor Kari Walden and a sea of faceless others.

The standing-room-only courtroom was filled to capacity.  Mr. Everquar had preferred to wait until the chamber was emptied of spectators.  But the judge rolled the dice and gambled (incorrectly) that the defendant would be intimidated by the environment…which he was not.  Today’s hearing was an announcement that the gloves are off and it’s now open season on Stone County crooks and liars.

Shazer Everquar is charged with 3 counts of 3rd degree assault.  Interestingly enough, all of the charges occurred shortly after Mr. Everquar began documenting illicit drug trafficking activities in the City of Branson West.  And amazingly enough, both prosecutors (Selby and Walden) are attempting to prevent the defendant (Everquar) from introducing that evidence at trial!  Which begs the question…If Selby and Walden are not dishonest, then why are they attempting to prevent the truth from being told?

Furthermore, it is alleged by the defendant that all of the complainants, the prosecutor and the judge himself are -without exception- JEWS.

Could it be that ethnic Jews in Branson West have attempted to perpetrate a hate crime against an African-American?  One wonders…if the defendant is guilty, then why are the prosecutors desperately trying to prevent him from introducing evidence?  Surely, the prosecutors have nothing to fear from the truth.

On the other hand, there appears to be much more to this case than the prosecutors have revealed.  For example, is it just coincidence that every major player in the case is Jewish?  Is it just coincidence that the judge has shown bias against the Defendant uncovering the pertinent facts of the case?  Is it just coincidence that Judge Alan Blankenship does not want his ethnicity to be revealed?

Shazer Everquar’s trials, may truly be a blessing in disguise.  Have a disproportionate number of Jews been given important key positions within the Stone County Judicial System?  Should we rename it, the Stone County JEW-dicial System?  The defendant intends to find out.  And Mr. Everquar believes it’s our duty as Americans to do so.

Are Jews honest?  If Stone County is any indication, they are not.  What can be done?  Americans must take their country back.  How?  By electing and promoting white Americans to replace the Jews.  Surely the citizens of Stone County will be better served by a justice system that represents all of us and not just the values of a small ethnic minority of Non-Christians.