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Adam Casalino

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Trump’s conservative majority on the Supreme Court is shaking up D.C. in a big way.

His justices have been the deciding factor in many crucial cases. And it’s safe to say, their rulings will determine the fate of many more to come.


But sometimes a case comes around that demands a unanimous decision. Such as one used to go after former Gov. Chris Christie and his officials.

From Fox News:

The Supreme Court on Thursday threw out the federal convictions of former New Jersey officials Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni, who had been charged with fraud for closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge under false pretenses for political purposes.

The SCOTUS threw out a federal case against two of Christie’s former officials. The “Bridgegate” scandal, the justices ruled, did not count as fraud.

Democrats accused the Republican’s officials of shutting down lanes of the George Washington bridge as “payback” to a mayor who refused to support Christie.

The justices agreed that such an action was wrong, but it was not a federal crime. They pointed out that the officials were not trying to money or property, the two requirements for fraud.

Bridgegate was used by the media to slander Gov. Christie. Many consider it was what tanked his 2016 presidential aspirations.

Christie was never charged with a crime, nor did evidence suggest that he was even behind this scheme.

But when has the media even given a Republican the benefit of the doubt? This scandal was used to tarnish his time as governor of New Jersey and perhaps ruined his future career.

At least, the story ends in vindication. The Supreme Court would not condemn two people, who appeared to be railroaded by overeager federal prosecutors