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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller

September 13th 2019


Federal Court judges require three elements to be in place prior to issuing a valid order.Missing any one of the three basic elements exposes any order, particularly nation wide injunctions, as fatally defective.

These three elements apply to all courts in this country.

First the fundamentals of federal court powers, then the facts exposing usurpation by federal judges private agendas.

Federal courts are allowed to be created by Congress only. Article I section 8 clause; “9: To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court;”. This means only Congress holds the authority to say how federal courts work or do not work.

If Congress did not give power to the federal district courts, the the court does not have either power nor authority.

No specific power granted = no authority to act. This means the judge or judges act on their own. The result of independent action out side delegated power granted by Congress, to any federal action of any branch, means the individual is personally liable for their actions. The term “color of law” applies. Color of law means it looks like a Baby Ruth, yet is really something floating down the sewer. The concept of public corruption also apply in the context of this subject matter.

The two major elements to any courts powers are venue and jurisdiction. The venue issue is fixed by geographic area. Jurisdiction is divided into two categories, subject matter and parties.

Any court lacking anyone of these three essential elements is not a complete court and is barred absolutely from addressing the matters brought to it, by any one!

Federal judges nationwide injunctions are void on their face because Congress never gave the federal district courts venue over the whole country. Federal Courts are identified by district. The districts are specifically identified by statute.

It matters not that federal courts are empowered to deal with constitutional issues. These issues are subject matter elements, not venue jurisdiction.

No federal judge is granted discretion by Congress to not recognize statutes or constitution laws.

No federal judge is granted discretion by Congress to not recognize statutes controlling the venue over which the court holds jurisdiction for subject matter and parties.

Likewise Congress never granted discretion to federal judges to expand or contract their venue limitations nor its jurisdictional limits to either subject matter nor parties.

The simple way to prove these statements is to refer to the Statutes found by reference in Title 28 United States Code. Pick any federal district court. Sections 81 through 131 extended to 144.  Look at where it may apply its powers. You will find each federal district courts specific venue is limited to a particular state, and in some cases a portion of a state.

Review section 1391 of Title 28 for definitive venue limits to the federal district for which  the court was created. Then check the Index of Title 28 for venue. The review will verify no authority is held by any federal district judge to issue nationwide injunctions. Section 1391, Venue Generally, does not expand venue jurisdiction. 1391 clarifies the venue in which certain issues, parties capacities or home bases, may be brought.

The conclusion of these facts is deeply disturbing. The evidence exposes that federal judges issuing nationwide injunctions have crafted out their own alleged authorities to operate and affect a whole country.

With this basic understanding of venue, the facts of public record, should cause any reasonably intelligent American to understand that the judges issuing nationwide injunctions, have and are operating out side the law. There is no excuse for legal professionals of any level, having higher knowledge and infinitely higher duties, particularly judges, to operate out side know laws.

What these activities really expose is that the federal judiciary generally, a few specific judges in particular, operate as both Legislative and Executive branches at the same time.

First, Legislative action is controlled as re-written by judicial function extending venue limitations into other jurisdictions. The trespass out of limited jurisdiction is equally as egregious as the trespass into other jurisdictions. Issuing a nation wide injunction trespasses on other judges jurisdiction over their assigned venue. Yet, this is allowed by those judges responsible for the application of the law of venue in their own well defined territories. This fact alone exposes a conspiracy of judges cohesively acting to over-write Congress by judicial fiat.

Second, Executive duty of law enforcement is trespassed on by the nation wide injunction. The Presidents powers are restructured by judicial usurpation in a blatant trespass limiting the laws of the United States being enforced. The nation wide injunction cabal invalidates under a single judges action enforcement of known, in good standing laws, particularly covering immigration issues. The office of President has been usurped by judicial fiat. Thus, we the People have no law, we are subjects of judicial fiat.

No federal judge is authorized to operate in any manner what so ever that affects the Legislative and Executive branches by limiting or negating legitimate functions of either or both. The Legislative makes the laws, the Executive enforces the laws the Judiciary is to apply the laws.

A judicial operation that fills the position, functions in the duties or effects the Legislative and Executive operations of government has appointed them selves SUPREME RULER over not only government yet each of us Americans as well. That my friends is Judicial Slavery!

CONCLUSION. The facts are clear, available on open public record, irrefutable. The law is clear, available to any American that can read and use a dictionary to understand. There is no argument possible given the facts and law of public record that can not be denied.

The Federal Judiciary has become a rogue operation controlling our whole country under a few federal judges and their bar brothers supporting them.

Every American knows when you become involved in an illegal act you are party to the act and liable personally for your actions.

What these characters count on more than anything is the fact that We the American People respect the law and have been trained to accept that only judges and attorneys have access to and understand the laws and procedures to apply the law.

The VENUE and JURISDICTION issues presented here are simple common sense fully supported by open public records clearly defining the limits of federal judges concerning where and how a federal judges powers truly lay.

Simply put, when federal judges construct their own powers every American is affected.  We as a People are denied the access to the laws supposedly protecting all of us. A small group of people controlling access to and application of the law under their personal agendas results in all Americans being held as SLAVES to judicial fiat.

Please, please, someone show We the People and President Trump why the federal judiciary is allowed to rule over our country, the government and the People as masters under judicial construction in direct conflict with the laws and terms of service promised by federal judges when they take a public servants office!