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Two more tesla crashes

Jim Stone

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Why are they picking on Tesla?

FACT: Any time you get a super high performance car, people drive them stupid and get in accidents. The latest one happened in Switzerland, where a driver was moving like a raped ape and crashed it into a freeway divider. It burst into flames, and that's Tesla's fault? Not in my book.

So there have been tesla fires. The first remarkable one happened with a stolen tesla, where a crack head stole one, ripped it in half with a horrible crash, and left one half (that did not burn) lodged in the entryway of a synagogue.

Then we have the kids in Florida, who joy rode Daddy's car in a similar way, ripped it in half also, and we're supposed to question why it burned? Where is the literacy in that?

All energy is measured as heat potential. From a scientific standpoint, all the batteries do is store potential heat. Watts are a measurement of heat. And when you get 80,000 watt hours stored in anything, and then destroy what is holding it, the heat is simply going to be dropped into the environment in the form of fire, rather than moving the car the same way a gas tank (which in effect moves a gasoline car) will burn. But that never happens does it? No cars that run on gas EVER catch fire. . . . . YEP.

So today another guy crashes his Tesla in Switzerland, it bursts into flames, and it is Tesla's fault? Not hardly. Blaming Tesla for firey crashes is the same as blaming Ferarri for firey crashes every time some joker destroys one of their cars.

Here is the clincher: Ordinary car batteries start car fires in America 410 times a day, after accidents (not counting gas tank fires) and people burn to death in the cars after those fires too, started by A BATTERY. So is it right to blame Tesla just because their car runs on a battery? NOT AT ALL, the batteries you buy at autozone kill thousands of times more people and start thousands of times more fires. And no one is calling for a ban on them.

To stop their cars from burning in the hands of adult children behind the wheel, they need to issue steering wheel mounted pacifiers and wrap the entire chassis in a giant diaper and then restrict the top speed to 30 MPH so idiots who can't think their way to tomorrow don't crash them at 130+ MPH.

The real issue with Tesla is PERFORMANCE. Their cars perform far too well, and that brings out the child in too many people. So ban Porsche, Ferarri, and clunk the Corvettes because those cars get driven the same way too. That is basically the way people who rip Tesla think, without being able to connect the dots that lead to the reality of any high performance car. Boring world they live in.