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Paul Wrobel

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Oct. 4, 2016

Control those who Control YOU!


   “The Wild ,Wild West was won by a few folks clever enough to establish “Law & Order” in the unsettled wilds west of the Mississippi by bringing along: 

·        A thoroughly-read Bible,

·        A Colt revolver and Winchester rifle,

·        A good horse and well-provisioned wagon, and

·        A sturdy copy of Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England

   England did you say?  Yup! 


   In that single book (you can get a Kindle or Nook version for free) written before our Declaration of Independence, those early settlers found enough common-sense law to jail bandits, hang rustlers, and open a new way for railroads and booming towns and cities…impossible without law and order.

   Contrary to what you see on TV, it wasn’t faster guns or bigger fists that settled lawless towns like Tombstone and Dodge City.  It was the support of local townsfolk who wanted law and order.  People who believed in the principles of Justice found in those two books:  the Bible and Blackstone.  People with courage to put an end to lawlessness.


Yet today we face a new threat lawlessness!

   It may be a bank using fraud to foreclose.

   It maybe a corrupt business partner, ex-spouse, or next door neighbor out-of-control.


   For many it’s the threat of government officials refusing to follow the law - tax collectors, police officers, and corrupt judges who break the law to allow fraud to reign free in their courts as lawyers rape people who do not know “How To Win In Court”.


   When “the law” becomes outlaw, there is only one remedy.


   People who know how to use the rules!

   The Rules of Evidence that control all civil and criminal in the state and federal courts comprise less than 30 pages in the official rule books?


   The Rules of Procedure that control all civil and criminal in the state and federal courts comprise less than 60 pages in the official rule books?

    You can use those rules to control every judge, every lawyer, every bank, every giant corporation, your next door neighbor, a business partner, and every state and federal agency trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

   Solve your legal problems today the same way western settlers brought lawlessness to its knees in the Wild West more than a century ago…learn the Rules!


   Justice is yours for the Taking!

   Protect your children from lawless legal officials, incompetent doctors, scheming bankers, rival siblings, and anyone else who seeks to do you harm.  If a fraudulent lender, bill collector, tax man, corrupt judge, crooked lawyer, or anybody else uses unlawful force to deprive you or your family of your rights, teach them a lesson!

    That is how the West was won!”   Please click and purchase a subscription :