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Ancient Molmutine Laws of Britain

Judge Anna Von Reitz

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Sept. 21, 2016

Let us lament with King Solomon that there is "nothing new under the sun".  


When we go all the way back to the most distant roots of Law in Britain, we find the Molmutine Laws, which reveal the following tenets:

There are 3 tests of civil liberty:

- Equality of rights

- Equality of taxation

- Freedom to come and go

There are 3 causes which ruin a state

- inordinate privilege

- corruption of justice

- national apathy

There are 3 things that cannot be considered solid longer than their foundations are solid

- peace

- prosperity

- law


And let us lament that the Checks and Balances which are foundational to keeping our lawful government in operation have been undermined by bribes from corporations called "federal block grants". 

As a result our peace, our prosperity and our system of law is in grave danger.

This ancient wisdom is as true today, cast into modern terms, as it was when it was first verbalized sitting around campfires in Stone Age Britain. 

Thank you to our friends in the British Isles who took the time to send us this timely and wise summation --- almost like a postcard from Mom, telling us to wash our socks and repair the foundations of our government.