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May 5, 2916

Of all the misconceptions and misinformation that has continued to cripple American efforts to self-govern and restore their proper political status and nation this is perhaps The Biggee:  the idea that The Constitution (or any other constitution) applies to us, the living people.


The only mention of us in The Constitution is in the Preamble, which is a Trust Indenture obligating the "federal government" however construed to act as our Trustee and to defend and protect us and our national trust assets.  Two years later this was made more explicit by the Bill of Rights which enumerated some of our trust assets to be protected.


Our Natural and Unalienable Rights which include free speech, free assembly and the others listed by the Bill of Rights are MATERIAL assets more precious than gold and the entire Federal Entity created by The Constitution agreement is absolutely bound by it to protect those assets.


And that's it.  We don't live under The Constitution.  They do.


We are not bound by The Constitution.  They are.


The problem is that they have mischaracterized us via their fraud scheme and claimed that "we are them" and they have gotten away with it via non-disclosure and semantic deceit and probate fraud--until now.


You are a Californian, a Wisconsinite, an Iowan, a Texan, by birth. The organic states are your nations.  These are the nation-states you owe your allegiance to as one of the  "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" --- quote the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783.  These states are the "land of your birth"----not the "United States" defined as "the territories and District of Columbia".


Wake up, wake up, for God's sake, wake up!  You are not organized under any Constitution!  Your lawful government is organized via jural assemblies operating unincorporated courts, unincorporated counties, and unincorporated states.


So get busy and restore fully functioning jural assembles that serve you and which serve the land jurisdiction of the United States that you are heir to.  Elect the members of your Common Law Courts.


Some of you are unnerved and wondering, but, but, but....what about those incorporated "counties" and "states"?  Don't we have to fight with them?  No!  Tell them the history and the facts and ignore them. These "STATES" and "COUNTIES"  are franchises of a foreign corporation selling "governmental services"--- like Dairy Queen, like Target.


They will go out of business soon enough, once the rest of the American People wake up and stop misidentifying themselves as "US citizens" of any kind, and start taking their governmental services needs to other providers.