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Federal Court Just Ruled On President Trump’s Wall – They Say Military Funds For Building Should Not Be Barred

Adam Casalino

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What’s Happening:

Although the media has all but ignored it, President Trump continues to make progress on the border wall. And he is determined to get as much done as possible by the end of this first term.

Joe Biden, who might end up president, has promised to shut down any further construction. That should come as no surprise to anyone.

But Trump is closing in on completing a large portion of the border system. And a federal court just gave him a big ruling.

From Fox News:

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that a lower court was wrong to bar the Trump administration from taking $3.6 billion from military construction projects for a border wall.

A panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that El Paso County and the nonprofit Border Network for Human Rights did not have the standing to challenge President Donald Trump’s redirecting funds from more than 100 military construction projects, including a $20 million road project at a base located in the city.

A federal court struck down a ruling from a lower court. They ruled that a nonprofit activist group does not have the power to challenge the president redirecting military funds for the border wall.

Democrats have long used the courts to force their agenda or to stop Republicans from getting work done. I guess this left-wing group thought they had the power to stop a sitting president (Commander of the Armed Forces) from using military funds.

The circuit court’s decision allows an additional $3.6 billion to be taken from military construction projects for the wall.

This sounds appropriate. These are defense funds, right? And the wall is supposed to defend the country? Why can’t some of the many billions of military funds go to secure the wall?

We might all agree. But Democrats have been fighting with nearly any excuse to stop the wall from going up.

They’ve failed spectacularly, of course. But with this ruling, funds can go immediately to ensure more of the wall will go up.

Do you want to see Trump’s wall continued to be built?

Key Takeaways:

  • The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Trump’s border wall.
  • The ruling will allow $3.6 billion of military spend to go to the building of the wall.
  • An activist group tried to stop the move, but the court ruled they had no standing to do so.