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Adam Casalino

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March 18, 2020




With the coronavirus still spreading around the world, Trump is working to keep Americans isolated from the infection.

He closed the border to China and Iran months ago. Earlier in March, he closed the border to Europe for 30 days.

These measures are strict, but they might limit the number of people who get infected with this life-threatening illness.

And now, it looks like Trump is taking a major step to prevent the virus from spreading down South.

From Breitbart:

President Donald Trump has ordered border agencies to quickly return all migrants from Mexican territory, regardless of routine asylum laws, according to the New York Times.

Who would have thought that this virus would end our migration crisis? The president ordered all migrants seeking asylum sent back to Mexico.

It’s too risky to have so many people in detention centers or waiting around at the border.

The coronavirus can spread easily in large groups. Shutting down migrants is a no-brainer.

It’s crazy to think that Bernie (and Biden) said they wouldn’t close the border. In fact, some Democrats have demanded we reopen our border to China.

But Trump is looking at even stricter measures to secure the Southern border.

From Time:

The Trump administration is considering a plan to turn back all people who cross the border illegally from Mexico, two administration officials said Tuesday, using powers they say the president has during pandemics like the coronavirus outbreak to mount what would be one of the most aggressive attempts to curtail illegal immigration.

President Trump is considering a plan to send back anyone who jumps the border.

In recent years, Trump has fought to do just that. But asylum laws and radical judges have made securing the border difficult.

With the threat of COVID-19 hanging over the world, we should absolutely keep jumpers out of America.

Can you imagine what the left will say about this? But will you even give them an ear?

Americans are at the breaking point because of fear of this pandemic. Would anyone in their right mind sit back and let people flood the border now?