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Adam Casalino

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September 23, 2019



Donald promised Mexico would pay for it – turns out Trump is doing even better than that.

We know Trump’s track record for success. He often does more than he promised. Often his projects are finished under budget and ahead of schedule.

Trump loves winning. And as president, he’s making sure every last American wins with him.

You might remember his promise that Mexico would pay for the wall. Democrats refuse to fund border wall construction because they claim this was Trump’s plan.

But as Congress chooses to abandon the American people, Trump found another way.

Mexico’s not paying for the wall. They’ve become the wall, as their efforts have dramatically reduced attempts at the border.

From Fox News:

The Mexican government announced Friday that the number of migrants coming to its border with the U.S. had dropped by 56 percent over the past three months as the country tries to avert President Trump’s threatened tariffs on Mexico’s exports to its northern neighbor…

The Mexican government has deployed more than 20,000 police officers and National Guard troops across the country.

According to the latest report, Mexico has helped reduce arrivals at the border by 56 percent.

Thanks to Trump’s efforts, Mexico is doing its part to enforce our shared border.

Here’s a beautiful picture of it:

That means that Mexico is acting like a sort of wall. They are using their resources and manpower to prevent people from reaching the border.

It’s a kind of wall that Congress cannot tear down or prevent from going up. A wall that is 100% possible, thanks to Donald Trump.

The agreement between the U.S. and Mexico is that crossers have to apply for asylum in the country they first reach. For most, that’s Mexico.

Along with that, Mexico has been protecting its own Southern border. As well as use more resources to prevent border jumping.

Also, keep in mind, this is happening as Trump builds more and more of the border wall he’s promised.

Seems like Trump is doing more than what we expecting. He’s securing the border on many levels. In so many ways—that even the Democrats can’t undermine it!

Now that’s what I call success.