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Cruz Finds $12 Billion For Trump’s Wall – But The Mexican President Wants It Back

Adam Casalino

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Ted found it for Donald – but Mexico says it belongs to them!

President Trump has promised that his big, beautiful wall would be paid for by Mexico.

While Congress and some Mexican leaders disagree on that point, Sen. Ted Cruz has come up with a brilliant plan.

We talked about it before. Cruz wants to use $12 billion in seized assets, but Mexico is not happy about that. Of course not. $12 billion is a big sum of money.

So, their president has another idea for the money.

From IJR:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is urging the opposite of Mexico’s president on what should be done with convicted drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s wealth.

On one hand, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expressed on Thursday that he was open to the idea of the drug funds to be returned to the country’s indigenous people…

On the other hand,the Republican lawmaker is calling for the drug lord’s funds to be used to secure the United States own southern border — a plan he’s urged Congress before to act on passing the “El Chapo Act.”

The president of Mexico is demanding the money seized from El Chapo be given to Mexico.

But, let’s get real here. Where did that money come from? It’s not Mexicans that El Chapo got rich off of.

He was operating in Mexico, but was taking money from Americans with his enterprise. That money was taken from American victims of El Chapo and his business.

 We don’t think it’s the Mexican government’s right to decide where that money should go.

Not only that, but it was our law enforcement, not Mexico’s that caught El Chapo. It seems like he was able to do his dirty business without much interference from their country.

It took our people to bring him down. That money will go a long way in securing our country and ending businesses like El Chapo’s.

But we shouldn’t be surprised that their president wants it. When have you ever heard of a politician turning down the prospect of free money?

Something tells me more than a few Democrats will be on the Mexican president’s side. They’ll do anything to prevent Trump from funding the wall.

The American people, on the other hand, will have a different opinion – what do you think?