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Fro: Rocky Montana

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Rocky Montana

January 12, 2019

America is in a fight for its very survival which is centered at its southern border.  Most Americans are now aware of the crime and carnage that has resulted from America's open border policy.  We-the-people and pro-American, anti-globalist Republicans know that our U.S.-Mexico border is at the heart of this NATIONAL SECURITY and humanitarian crisis and that swift and decisive action is required in order to secure it.  We elected Donald Trump to secure our southern border because we know this is key to restoring the rule of law  in America.  We have exposed the adversary of America for who they are: anti-American, pro-globalist "Demoncrats" in Congress, in the courts, in the bureaucracies, in the Fake News media, and in Hollywood.  And despite their obstruction tactics, construction of the southern "border wall", henceforth called "steel barrier", is underway.

Congressional Democrats, who are antithetical to American citizens' safety and American values, and who refuse to fund the balance of an impenetrable southern border steel barrier are traitors to America, in my opinion, and should be thrown out of office by the American people.  We continue to observe them, day after day, trying to convince the American people, without much success, that the border crisis is manufactured.  Democrat opposition to a strong southern border barrier is a matter of public record which dates back decades.  Democrats in Congress and some so-called Democrats masquerading as Republicans) crafted and voted for, and complicit presidents signed into law, anti-American, pro-globalist immigration policies allowing illegal aliens to pour into our country.  In 1986, then House Speaker, Tip O'Neill and the Democrats double-crossed Pres. Ronald Reagan in their deal to trade Border Wall Funding for Amnesty of Illegal Aliens.  The Democrats cannot be trusted  President Trump knows this and is holding Congressional Democrats' feet to the fire to fund the steel barrier, as it is their responsibility to fund National border security.

The President could fund the steel barrier by declaring the U.S. southern border a National Emergency.  If he does, problem partially solved, but where will the $5.7 billion come from?  Most could come from American tax dollars sent year after year to foreign countries in so-called "foreign aide".  Top 10 recipients of U.S. Foreign Aide in 2018:

Israel – $3.1 B; Egypt – $1.39 B; Jordan – $1 B; Afghanistan – $782.8 M; Kenya – $639.4 M; Tanzania – $535.3 M; Uganda – $436.4 M; Zambia – $428.9 M; Nigeria – $419.1 M; Iraq – $347.9 M.   --Wikipedia

Just 50% of American tax dollars sent to the top ten recipients of U.S. foreign aide (above), this would fund $5.15 B to build the steel barrier.  The remaining $550 M could be appropriated from seized drug money at the U.S.-Mexico border.  (Note: $67.9 M of drug money was seized by U.S. officials in 2018 alone.)   It could also be borrowed from funds set aside for disaster relief, as the President has already suggested.  Steel barrier problem solved.   A declaration of National Emergency would, of course, be met with court injunctions from anti-American, pro-globalist federal judges, but would eventually be overturned in the Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, Congress fiddles while America burns

There is another insidious and pernicious problem afoot,  related to the anti-America, pro-globalist immigration policies and existing border security crisis, which none dare talk about.  As previously stated, elected officials crafted and voted for, and complicit presidents signed into law America's current lawless, unconstitutional immigration policies allowing illegal aliens to pour into our country.  Their purpose was to increase the Democrats' voting base in order to win elections, thus illegally gaining power and control over America and the American people.  And who better to exploit for their on-going criminal enterprise than the impoverished, uneducated, and ignorant masses coming from poor foreign countries who don't speak our language, who are easily manipulated by Democrats and other anti-American, pro-globalist groups, and who will do just about anything to stay in this country illegally--under Democrat control and protection, of course.  Our immigration policies must be changed if the rule of law is ever to be restored.   The game is rigged people! 

For decades, idiotic "catch and release", "anchor babies" and "chain migration" immigration laws have allowed illegal aliens to illegally walk, skip, and run into the U.S. and, then illegally ignore their court hearing dates with impunity.  Then, Democrat groups covertly move these illegal aliens around the country, like pawns on a chess board, settling them in voting districts, counties, and states that are most beneficial to Democrat politicians.  During election cycles, the names of ten of thousands of illegal aliens are illegally used by criminal Democrat groups to steal elections from lawful Republican candidates and incumbents, through fraudulent mail-in voting campaigns.  And because America has no universal voter identification system, these crimes are not stopped.  The Democrats' criminal enterprise was exposed, however, in a south Florida precinct this past mid-term election--remember?  The Democrats cannot be trusted.  This is how Democrats have stolen elections in once Republican strongholds like southern California, Nevada, Arizona, etc.  and which is now occurring nationwide at an alarming rate!  It is also why Democrats fight tooth and nail against a universal voting identification card system.    Worse yet, California law now permits millions of illegal aliens, who are allowed driver's licenses, to be automatically registered to vote in federal elections.  Expect this lawless law to spread to other liberal counties and states, if not stopped.  Were it not for rampant voter fraud by criminal Democrats, they would not fair so well in federal and state elections.  Most illegal aliens illegally occupying our nation don't even vote and are unaware that their names are being stolen and used to steal elections for the Democrats.  It is a national disgrace as both the RNC and DOJ turn a blind eye while none investigate. 






The combination of open border policy, anti-American, pro-globalist immigration laws, the lack of processing of illegal aliens, the lack of  a universal U.S. voter verification system (where each voter must present a voter identification card to vote), and rampant voter fraud is how we are losing our blessed America to the socialist, communist, globalist Democrats and underscores the need for a strong southern border steel barrier, NOW, and the Democrats know this--which explains their obstruction tactics. 

A third way to fund and build the southern border steel barrier is by way of we-the-people.  We-the-people could fund the wall, and could build it too.  Ones who work full time could help fund the steel barrier; ones who are retired or don't work can help build it.  Excavation, crane, and backhoe companies could provide their services at cost (no profit).  Concrete and steel manufacturers, suppliers, erectors, and delivery companies could provide their materials and services at cost.  And the federal government could provide temporary room and board at border construction sites for all laborers, contractors and delivery personnel.  It could similar to the work relief  programs of the 1930s, with one important difference; Americans would come together for a common purpose; no one individual or company would profit, but America and all American citizens would profit tremendously by way of increased National Security.  It could be the first "WORKFARE" program of its kind in America.  When the will of the American people is strong enough, the way will always present itself.

Americans must choose, individually and collectively, which system of government we want to prevail in America, a Democracy, based on "mob rule", and lawlessness, or a Republic, based on the "rule of law" and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which America's founders envisioned and fought for.  Those who don't or won't choose--have already chosen.
My thanks to both President Trump for taking America's National Security seriously and for initiating this vitally important steel barrier, and to Brian Kolfage for initiating his border wall funding drive. 








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