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Aris Folley

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A controversial Florida law passed earlier this year that bans so-called sanctuary cities took full effect on Tuesday.

The measurewas passed by the Florida Legislature back in Mayand was signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis(R), who campaigned on the immigration issue, the following month.

The law bars Florida cities from having “sanctuary policies,” or those that restrict a law enforcement agency’s ability to work with federal immigration authorities, particularly regarding matters of detainment and deportation.

The law also requires law enforcement agencies that have custody of someone subject to an immigration detainer "to notify the judge of the detainer, record in the person’s file the existence of the detainer, and comply with the detainer," according to the bill summary.

One portion of the law previously authorized officials to transport an undocumented immigrant in custody across state lines in cooperation with federal immigration authorities, according to the Miami Herald. However, that particular provision was blocked by a federal judge on Monday.

Though provisions of the legislation banning sanctuary cities took effect at the start of July, the remaining section of the measure that establishes penalties for elected officials who violate the law didn’t take effect until Tuesday. Officials who don’t comply with the law are now able to be removed from office.