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Top Billionaire Flees Major Sanctuary City – Escapes To Red Southern State For ‘Shelter’

Adam Casalino

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He’s out of there – and headed down South to one of America’s favorite states!

Sanctuary cities are experiencing a major exodus, and the biggest one in the country just lost a billionaire.

The sad reality is that Democrat-run sanctuary cities have many problems. You’d think that “enlightened” liberals would transform their cities into bastions of prosperity and peace.

Not a chance.

The biggest cities in America are being run by Democrats. They also happen to be filled with crime and border jumpers.

And to top it all off, taxes in their regions is through the roof. You think it’s bad for the working man? Even business owners feel the pain.

And this renowned billionaire just said, “Stuff it! I’m moving out!” He’s leaving the Big Apple and taking his business with him.

From Fox News:

Carl Icahn, the legendary investor, has told employees that he is moving his company from New York to Miami and a report said his decision to move is based on the Big Apple’s higher taxes.

Icahn, 83, whose net worth is about $20.4 billion, is set to move his home and business from the city due to the taxes, sources told Bloomberg.

Woah. Another one bites the dust!

Carl Ichan is a legendary investor who has lived in New York all his life (and career). He is not only moving to Miami, but he’s taking his business with him.

At 83, he could easily retire. But he still wants to work, like many industrious Americans.

Why should he continue in a city that seems to do everything to punish him for his success?

New York takes a big chunk of a worker’s pay. If you’re a successful business owner, you pay even more.

Much of the state is in disarray—so why would any reasonable New Yorker stick around?

He is taking his business too, seeking tax shelter in income-tax-free Florida.

Which means that there will be fewer jobs and opportunities in New York.

Hey, I don’t blame Icahn. It will be cheaper and easier to do business in sunny Florida.

He offered to help relocate any employee that wanted to go with him.Those that didn’t? That’s okay.

That means more jobs for Florida.

You’d think stories like this would force the leaders of New York City and state to reevaluate. Maybe lower taxes and end sanctuary policies?


The only way to help these cities now is for Trump to stop their liberal policies.