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El Salavador Increasing Immigration Enforcement Efforts to Aid US


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Pressuring South and Central American countries to do their part in stemming illegal immigration to the United States has been a major approach of the Trump administration.

It seems to be working.

El Salvador is increasing its efforts to enforce immigration in an attempt to stem the flow of immigrants to the southern border of the U.S.

According to Town Hall:

El Salvador has stepped up efforts to stop migrants en route to the United States by deploying approximately 800 police officers to its borders with Guatemala and Honduras.

The crackdown will begin Thursday at La Hachadura, the border crossing with Guatemala where migrants have attempted to cross in large caravans, Reuters reports.

Police will not be alone, however. Roughly 350 immigration officials will take part in the effort and review identification and travel documents for those attempting to cross.


Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said after a White House meeting earlier this week there had been a significant decrease in U.S.-bound immigration through Mexico, especially from Central America, and he expected the trend to continue. (Reuters)

DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan recently traveled to El Salvador to discuss cooperation on immigration and that trip appears to be fruitful.