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Meet Caleb Hanna. At age 19, he set a record for American politicians in 2018. 



The civic-minded undergraduate became the country's youngest black legislator when he routed his Democratic opponent, incumbent Dana L. Lynch and ascended to office in West Virginia's House of Delegates.


Hanna, a staunchly pro-life conservative, is making waves yet again, this time with an offer to fund Trump's border wall.


The Daily Caller's Evie Fordham reports:


West Virginia House of Delegates member Caleb Hanna wants to fund a southern border wall with $10 million of his state’s surplus to combat West Virginia’s drug problem, he said on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday.


“West Virginia has a terrible drug problem,” Hanna said Tuesday. “I believe that a lot of those drugs and opioids are coming directly from the southern border. I spoke to local and state law enforcement, and they say these drugs are so pure they can’t be coming from anywhere other than Mexico. So I believe that the wall is a crucial part in addressing West Virginia’s drug problem.”


Hanna and his fellow Republican delegates Carl “Robbie” Martin and Patrick Martin plan to introduce the bill that would transfer $10 million of the state’s $185 million surplus to the border wall that President Donald Trump has proposed, reported The Mountaineer Journal. The state surplus funds would not make much of a dent in the wall fund, though — Trump is asking for more than $5 billion.


“So, the West Virginia Republican majority in the House has been very supportive of President Trump and his efforts to secure the southern border,” Hanna said. “So, I am happy to co-sponsor a piece of legislation that I don’t think just West Virginia will be happy about, but the American people as a whole.”


West Virginia is at the epicenter of the opioid crisis. The Mountain State had the highest drug overdose death rate in 2017, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The state's problems were exacerbated by a massive influx of prescription opioids in recent years.