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A Short Drive From Where Acosta Declared There's NO Crisis, Authorities Found THIS


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The same day CNN reporter Jim Acosta posted a report from McAllen, Texas claiming there wasn't "anything resembling a national emergency situation" there, starkly different reports came out of Mexican border town nearby.


Law enforcement discovered 21 bodies, some burned beyond recognition, in a violent clash between rival drug cartels.


The Daily Wire's James Barrett reports:


"Mexican authorities said Thursday that 21 bodies, some burned, have been found in the northern Mexico border state of Tamaulipas in what appears to have been a clash between drug gangs. The bodies were found near the remains of seven burned-out vehicles near the border town of Miguel Aleman," CBS News reports.


The city of Miguel Aleman is located in the northwestern border state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. The city is about three hours northwest of McAllen and borders the southern edge of Texas. Below is a screenshots from Google Maps showing Miguel Aleman and McAllen, which are about 180 miles apart:


While Acosta made sure to note that he saw no evidence of a crisis "at least in McAllen," the reality, of course, is that multiple towns on both the north and south edge of the border are seeing not only the humanitarian crises that necessarily result from illegal immigration, but the additional, often deadly violence of the drug cartels.


CBS notes that newly elected Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has responded to the discovery of the 21 bodies, saying evidence indicates they are the results of brutal gang violence.


The Zetas drug cartel is currently locked in a life and death battle with the Gulf Cartel for control of the Rio Grande Valley.