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Diseases Said Raging Among Illegals At Border Some Are Being CDC FLOWN To US Hospitals

Dr Patricia Doyle PhD

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Hello Jeff - This infuriates me that we are taking the kids from the Mexican side of the border and flying them by CDC planes to hospitals in the US.  We are not obligated by law or Constitution to accept illegals for medical treatment, 


Obviously, the parents of the illegal children are ultimately the cause of the problem at the border. They bring sick children thousands of grueling miles and then when the kids get very ill the parents and/or non-family guardians of the children sue the US.


WE need to stop enticing illegals to come to the US by ending all free medical care for them such as NYC and now the STATE OF CA are offering.   We must also end Welfare and Social Security payments and benefits for all non-citizens.  Ending the  gravey train ends the illegals coming to the US and it is cheaper than building a border wall.  Simply follow Mexico's lead and keep Welfare, Medical Care and Food Stamps, free school etc for American citizens only. C