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(UPDATE) THE BORDER WALL: "We-The-People Will Fund The Wall"

Rocky Montana

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"We-The-People Will Fund The Wall"

Rocky Montana

January 7, 2019

Despite Demoncrat obstruction from both Houses of Congress, construction of President Trump's southern border wall/fence has begun.  But the obstructionists have stalled its completion.  The southern border wall (steel fence) is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY!  Swift and decisive action is needed.   President Trump would be within his presidential rights to declare a National Emergency in order to secure our southern border, i.e., build the southern border wall/fence.  If he does, problem solved.  Most Republicans are aware that the southern border wall/fence is a National Security concern.  But there is more insidious and pernicious crisis resulting from the lack of a southern border wall/fence which none dare talk about. 

We know that Democrats, who are antithetical to American citizens' safety and American values, won't fund an impenetrable southern border wall/fence.  Their opposition to it is a matter of public record which dates back decades.  For years, the Washington Establishment Elitists' (mostly Democrat and a few Democrats masquerading as Republicans) have crafted and passed idiotic immigration laws allowing illegal aliens to pour into this country.  Why?  In short, to increase the Democrat's voting base in order steal elections.  Who better to exploit for their evil ends than impoverished, uneducated, and ignorant masses from foreign countries who don't speak our language, who are easily manipulated, and who will do just about anything to stay in this country illegally--under the Democrat's control and protection!  The game is rigged people, THE GAME IS RIGGED!






For decades, America's current idiotic immigration laws, like "catch and release" and "anchor babies" have allowed illegal aliens to cross onto U.S. soil illegally, and then, after beign caught and released, illegally ignore their court hearing dates with impunity.  They are moved around the country like pawns on a chess board at the orchestration of liberal-Democrat groups, and are settled in voting districts, counties, and states in order to benefit Democrats.  During election cycles, their names are illegally used by these same liberal-Democrat groups to steal elections from lawful Republican candidates and incumbents, through fraudulent mail-in voting campaigns.  This is how Democrats have stolen elections in once Republican strongholds like southern California, Nevada, Arizona, etc., and is now occurring nationwide at an alarming rate.  Worse yet, California's millions of illegal aliiens, who are allowed driver's licenses, are automatically registered to vote in Federal elections.  Were it not for rampant voter fraud by these criminal liberal-Democrat groups, Democrat would suffer miserably in elections.  Most illegal aliens illegally occupying our nation don't even vote and are unaware that their names are being used by these nefarious liberal-Democrats to steal elections.  It is a national disgrace as the RNC and DOJ turn a blind eye and no one investigates.  The combination of open border policy, idiotic Democrat-instituted immigration laws, lack of processing of illegal aliens, the lack of U.S. citizen verification and via voter identification cards, and rampant voter fraud underscores the need for a strong southern border wall/fence, NOW, and the Democrats know this--which is why they are fighting so hard against it.

If the southern border wall/fence is not funded by Congress or by order of the President, we-the-people will fund the wall.


GoFundMe campaign for Trump’s border wall raises over $17 million

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