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‘We’re in the process of building the new border wall here but we don’t have it completed…’

Kaylee McGhee

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U.S. authorities arrested more than 42 illegal immigrants who tried to force their way into the country, according to a chief patrol agent in San Diego.

During an interview with CNN, Rodney Scott, chief patrol agent for San Diego Sector Border Control, said a group of migrants hopped the border after tearing down a section of the border wall.

“We’re in the process of building the new border wall here but we don’t have it completed,” he said. “There were some sections that had the dilapidated border wall that was made out of scrap metal the military gave us. The group breached a couple sections of that, actually tore down one small section, started to rush across. And that’s another time that they started assaulting our agents.”

Scott said that the migrants’ violent tactics forced border agents to use “riot techniques” and referred to the tear gas agents threw across the wall to prevent migrants from throwing projectiles.

“The group immediately started throwing rocks and debris at our agents, taunting the agents. Once our agents were assaulted and the numbers started growing. You know, we had two or three agents at a time initially facing hundreds of people at a time. They deployed tear gas to protect themselves and to protect the border,” Scott said.

Although media outlets like The Washington Post belabored the claims that women and children were among those involved, the majority of migrants arrested were young male adults, Scott said.