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Rush Limbaugh Ended The Democrats With One Awful Truth About The Migrant Caravan

Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer know the Democrat Party would be finished if the American people knew the real reason why they support the migrant caravan.

But the truth is getting out.

And Rush Limbaugh just revealed the Democrats awful secret about the migrant caravan.

Democrats And The Fake News Media Push This Lie About The Caravan

Democrats and the fake news media knew the caravan would damage the left politically.

So they do what they always do when they’re backed up against the wall.

They call Republicans racist.

CNN’s Brian Stelter accused a Trump ad that highlighted an illegal alien who murdered two police officers as “racist.”

The ad – which informed the American people that the Democrats want to let dangerous criminals into the country by supporting open borders and the caravan – was banned by social media and news outlets.

The media’s desperation to claim any opposition to illegal immigration hid the real truth of what they support.

And on a recent broadcast, Rush Limbaugh described what the Democrats and the media don’t want you to know about the caravan.

Limbaugh shot down the lies spread by CNN and other fake news media outlets that Trump supporters oppose the caravan because they are racist.

The top rated talk show host declared:

“Well, here’s the thing: It’s not just 9,000 people. We’re up now to 11 million and counting. And the 9,000 or 7,000, whatever number the caravan actually is serves as a microcosm what is happening every day. The opposition to caravan is easily misstated and demagogued. Opposition to the caravan has nothing to do with skin color. It has nothing to do with supremacy, superiority. It has nothing to do with anything. It’s a rule-of-law issue for the vast majority of the American people.”

Rush Limbaugh Reveals The Real Reason The Left Supports The Migrant Caravan

Limbaugh then went on to explain why the left is willing to sit back and let the caravan invade America.

He explained that the left hates America and doesn’t think she is worth preserving.

Limbaugh stated:

“We have laws on immigration for a reason. We want to maintain America as America, and people who are permitted to enter legally have to be determined as people who want to become Americans. There’s nothing that is wrong with that. There’s nothing discriminatory about that. What are we supposed to do? What’s the alternative? Just stand aside? The Obamas and the Democrats of the world would have us believe that (paraphrased) “the only way that we can show that we’re not a bunch of judgmental racists and unkind people is to stand aside and let them in.

“We must do that to demonstrate that we understand the plight of poverty and sickness all around the world.” And we do not have a duty to preside over the weakening or the destruction or the transformation of our country that’s not voted on. We simply do not. But they want us to just stand aside. Anything less, they start name-calling with. It’s about preserving a culture. It’s about preserving an economy for all. It’s about maintaining American exceptionalism and the greatness of this country that benefits everybody because of our existence.”