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RESPONSE TO: 'BREAKING: Trump Makes MASSIVE Move Against CHICAGO for Harboring Illegals. Good for Him!'

Rocky Montana

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Angry Patriot

[Comments within brackets added by Rocky Montana.]

Chicago is a beautiful city, but under terrible Democrat leadership, it has descended into a city of violence and corruption.

President Trump is now on track to sort Chicago out once and for all as he stamps his foot down on liberal leadership in the city. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has now lost $4.6 million worth of funding after he continued to vow that Chicago was a sanctuary city.

A sanctuary city harbors illegal immigrants and doesn’t report them to ICE whenever they get arrested, allowing them to go about as they please and create all types of violence and destruction. It has been estimated that there are 511,000 illegal immigrants in the state of Illinois currently, and a massive 35 percent of them are in Chicago alone, via Washington Feed.

Emanuel has long been known for his affiliation with the extreme left in regard to his politics, and he has stood by and watched as his city descended into mayhem.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions even warned Mayor Emanuel that the funding would be pulled if he did not change his position. As Emanuel was too stubborn, tens of thousands of people in Chicago are now going to suffer.

This is typical liberal selfishness: they care about their own agenda and nobody else. It was more important to Emanuel to have the “moral high ground” and protect criminals than it was to serve his citizens.

[Actually Mayor Emmanuel is a Zionist-Globalist thug, marching to his puppetmasters' "immoral, evil, Zionist-Globalist agenda".  In the simplest terms, the Zionist-Globalist agenda is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER the United States of America.  I believe that Emmanuel's current agenda is to tear down the moral fabric of Chicago--as other Zionist-Globalist, Democrat, sanctuary city mayors are doing all across this nation--to the end of causing a schism between the U.S. government and the American people and causing them to believe that our U.S. Constitution is outdated and obsolete, and the Trump administration and U.S. government can no longer solve societies problems.  They will then attempt to cause the people to clamor for the Zionist-Globalist One World Order plan, which is really socialist-fascism system devoid of freedom in disguise and which is already partially in progress.  They will then introduce and push their U.N. Constitution/Charter, which was written and adopted in 1969 in San Francisco by a group of U.S. government traitors, and which, if ever enacted, means total control under the Zionist Globalists such as Rahm Emmanuel, as "a better way" to govern the United States.  They might even attempt to hold a secret Constitutional Convention to replace the U.S. Constitution with their evil U.N. constitution as they did when they passed the  constitutionally unlawful Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  Our U.S. government is already teaming with closet Zionist-Globalists (mostly Democrats) within all branches of our government  (The Washington Swamp.)  If we-the-people ever allow these things to occur, the American people will wake up under the control a socialist-fascist oligarchy and as slaves to Zionist-Globalist masters and the Zionist-Globalists will have divided and conquered this nation.  There will be no where to run and no where to hide because as USA goes, so goes the world.  We must support President Trump and his cabinet in their efforts to drain the Washington Swamp and restore U.S. Constitutional law and order to our nation.]

With the city turning into a war zone in its Southside, Emanuel has been doing nothing to create peace.  He needs to be taken out of power immediately before he does even more damage to the Windy City.

Emanuel’s staff members are trying to sweep this controversy under the rug by saying that no funding was stopped.  The mainstream media are also not going to report on this because it doesn’t fit into their precious narrative that sanctuary cities are morally and legally right.

[When the above tactic fails to accomplish Emmanuel's Zionist-Globalist puppetmasters' agenda, Emmanuel will most likely turn the withholding of funding to sanctuary cities back on the Trump administration, saying something like: "look what this Republican President is doing to you, he is cutting off funding to the police and fire services; this will cause escalating death and destruction.  And all other sanctuary city Mayors and Governors will join in and parrot this line of attack in an attempt to create a greater rift between the Trump administration and the people.]

Thankfully, unlike Obama, President Trump isn’t going to tolerate illegal immigration any longer.  These criminals are assaulting and murdering our friends and family members — and the liberals don’t seem to care.

Maybe now that funding has been cut they will actually start listening to what is going on.  Sometimes, money can speak louder than words ever could. And we all know that the lazy liberals depend on government funding to survive.

Liberals need to take their fingers out of their ears and start to listen to the music: illegal immigration is done for.