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The secret, shocking truth about Biden's border policy

David Kupelian

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Exclusive: David Kupelian exposes actual ‘root causes’ of growing immigration nightmare

When future historians inevitably address themselves to identifying the single most destructive and suicidal policy of the disastrous Biden administration, there will be many contenders to consider:

Policies like racking up unprecedented levels of federal spending while strangling America’s fossil fuel industries, thereby creating ruinous inflation and rendering the entire U.S. population markedly poorer.

Policies like condemning the least racist nation in all of history as irredeemably racist – and then brainwashing the next generation with this Big Lie while branding tens of millions of normal Americans who disagree with such madness as “white supremacists,” “violent extremists” and “domestic terrorists.”

A weak, corrupt and perverse approach to foreign policy, leading directly to America’s catastrophic exit from Afghanistan and then virtually inviting Russia’s Vladimir Putin to ravage Ukraine.

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Pandemic policies that include forcing little children with near-zero risk to wear masks all day, while pressuring the entire population to receive repeated injections of a poorly understood experimental medicine that prevents neither infection nor transmission, but has reportedly caused more than one million adverse events including over 24,000 deaths – all while intentionally suppressing cheap, plentiful, effective and safe medications that would have saved hundreds of thousands of Americans from needlessly dying.

All terrible, of course. And yet, in terms of sheer perversity and long-term, irreversible damage to the entire nation in an ever-cascading multiplicity of ways – while demonstrating an unadorned hatred for the very country these leaders pretend to love – one policy arguably rises to the top of the list:

From day one, the Biden-Harris administration has literally engineered a full-scale foreign invasion of the United States of America.

This ongoing assault on the greatest and freest nation on earth is one whose true implications and repercussions are largely unrecognized, and of course unreported by the establishment media, though they are little short of apocalyptic for the country.

Unthinkable as this intentional foreign-invasion policy is, the reason Team Biden is implementing it is every bit as depraved as the policy itself: It’s all so the Democratic Party – which in the current era is led almost entirely by deranged, lying, power-obsessed autocrats – can remain in power in America forever.

After all, every poll, even those emanating from the most liberal establishment outlets, shows the Biden administration has utterly lost middle America. But that presents a problem to Democrats, who are, first and foremost, obsessed with and committed to staying in power. Nothing in heaven or earth is more important to them. How, then, having lost the confidence of the citizens of the nation they rule, can they still hold on to the reins of power?

The Democrats have a two-pronged plan: One, aided mightily by Big Tech and Big Media, is to engage in and encourage massive election rigging and fraud in every conceivable and inconceivable way, as they did in the 2020 presidential election. And two, since they have essentially lost Americans with their clearly insane and anti-American policies, they are resorting to importing an entirely new electorate into the country.

For the sake of clinging to power permanently, Democrats are hell-bent on fulfilling the dream openly expressed by many party strategists of “creating a permanent progressive majority” in America. Therefore, Democrats are enacting this prime directive by importing millions of people who are, first and foremost, beholden to Democrats for encouraging and enabling them to come to America, to cross her border and enter illegally, to stay permanently, and then to be supported by American taxpayers.

This bears repeating: As perverse and suicidal as it sounds, today’s Democrats are illegally importing an entirely new pro-Democrat electorate into America, because actual American citizens can’t stand them anymore.

Unfortunately, even the best of the illegal aliens Team Biden is encouraging to invade America have no loyalty to this nation’s Constitution nor its history of liberty, limited government and individual rights and responsibilities, not to mention its traditional Judeo-Christian culture. Most have come from corrupt, autocratic, semi-functional dictatorships and are generally low-skilled people who, once here, are needy of government support. In other words, the perfect Democrat voter.

It goes downhill from there. For generously mixed in with the endless mega-caravans of aliens illegally crossing America’s southern border – migrants hailing not just from Mexico and Central America, but from nations around the globe, including the Arab-Muslim Middle East, Africa, even (according to recent reports) hundreds from Russia and Ukraine – are many drug traffickers, sex traffickers, MS-13 gang members, terrorists, cartel members, drug mules, rapists and convicted violent criminals, all indiscriminately welcomed into America with open arms, courtesy of the Biden administration.

Question: How can the ruling Democrats possibly justify such madness?

It turns out the signature myth of the left – namely, that America, the most successful multi-ethnic society on earth, is actually a “systemically racist,” predatory, indeed almost genocidal nation – is central to the left’s open-borders policy.

After all, how does one counter the obvious truth that a nation without borders soon ceases to be a nation?

Simple: Explicitly or implicitly accuse America of “exploiting black and brown peoples,” “indigenous peoples” and so on, from the era of slavery onward, and not just in the U.S. but around the world. A paradigm then emerges according to which America owes the world’s black, brown, Muslim and other “persecuted minority” populations – basically, everyone other than white people – a home, and even reparations in one form or another!

This secret message of the left is encoded in everything: Americans somehow are responsible, because of their horrible and predatory nation, for causing the very conditions (i.e., Kamala Harris’s mysterious “root causes”) that are bringing immigrants to America’s shores. Thus, the ubiquitous “America is systemically racist” theme is motivated in large part by the desperate need for a pretext, a justification, for the profoundly nation-destroying policy of tearing down America’s borders and promising the invaders endless government benefits, healthcare and welfare.

Now for a deeper question: What can possibly explain an entire major political party in the greatest nation on earth becoming so degenerate, dishonest and treacherous that it would willingly degrade and destroy the nation it claims to love, all so it can rule over the ruins of a once-great civilization? And make no mistake, the Democrats, with their grotesquely pro-illegal immigration policies (presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke even promised on camera he would “absolutely” tear down Trump’s border wall if elected) are indeed causing the rapid degradation of American society as a whole.

For example, the massive illegal immigration they love is primarily responsible for the astronomical level of illegal drugs being brought across the U.S-Mexico border, particularly fentanyl, which in turn is responsible for many of the 100,000 overdose deaths in the United States every year. Indeed, overdosing on fentanyl is now the No. 1 cause of death of Americans ages 18 to 45!

The wildly unchecked importation of illegal drugs into America, which vastly enriches the criminal Mexican cartels that essentially rule that nation, in turn powerfully fuels the ubiquitous drug addiction in America’s streets that is disguised as a crisis of “homelessness.” However, the “homeless crisis,” which has metastasized beyond America’s big cities and into her smallest towns and villages, is a dishonest euphemism for the actual problem: an epidemic of drug addiction and mental illness – multitudes of people so broken, so lost, so overcome by dark psychological-spiritual forces that they can no longer function and live anything approaching competent, independent lives. So they live in the streets, where so many shoot up drugs, defecate in public, and sometimes commit crimes – while the Biden administration encourages and enlarges all of this by funding it, building $300,000-per-unit apartments for “the homeless” and directing $30 million of taxpayers’ money to pay for “safe smoking kits,” clean syringes and needles so addicts can “safely” smoke crack and shoot up heroin and fentanyl.

Ironically, as horrible and tragic as this growing addiction epidemic is, it does provide the perfect metaphor for explaining today’s Democrats. They likewise live lives of hopeless, craven addiction. To power.

Consider: A seriously drug-addicted person – for example, a young woman in her 20s or 30s, even one who has young children – will often forsake everything, even abandoning her own children, to get her fix. She will continually lie to her loving parents who are desperately trying to save her. She will prostitute herself, she will do everything imaginable – lie, steal, cheat, sell her body, sell drugs, forsake her own family and everything she once held dear – all in order to get her fix. This is an entirely typical scenario, as any addiction recovery counselor knows all too well. Getting the drug and getting high have entirely consumed the addict’s mind, life and soul.

That is today’s Democratic Party – from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer down to the various blue-state governors, mayors and other politicians – all so totally addicted to power that, just like drug addicts, they are ready, willing and able to lie, cheat, steal, prostitute themselves, and basically forsake everyone and everything they once held dear, all so they can hold on to power – the “fix” they have come to crave above all else.

Thus, the Democrats’ game plan for maintaining power in perpetuity is built not just on their usual deceit and hypocrisy, but literally on the broken bodies and lives of the hundreds of thousands who have died of drug overdoses, of the millions of drug addicts, the sex trafficking victims, the crime victims of the hordes of unvetted criminals and gangs freely welcomed into America, the thousands of migrant children that, as recent reports attest, are missing and unaccounted-for, and every other known and unknown form of degradation and human misery the Democrats have so wantonly unleashed.

All so they can get their fix.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The invasion of America engineered by the Biden administration is devastatingly documented and explored in the February 2022 issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, edited monthly by David Kupelian. The issue, available in both print and digital editions, is titled “BIDEN’S BORDER BETRAYAL: Secret night flights, rampant criminality and 100,000 dead Americans.”