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Polish MEP Warns Illegal Migrants: ďIf You Donít Want To Be Shot, Donít Come To Our BordersĒ

CFT Team

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February 28, 2020 

Dominik Tarczyński, member of the Poland Law and Justice Party, member of the European Parliament, and Vice Chair of the European Conservatives Group, during a recent interview on The Newsmakers, defended Poland’s harsh treatment of migrants who attempt to illegally cross Poland’s borders:

Dominik Tarczyński

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I’ve got a message for all illegals. If you don’t want to be pushed back, if you don’t want to be arrested, if you don’t want to be shot, do not come to our borders. Do not come to the Polish border, then you’re safe. It’s not us, it’s not our police who came up to beat you up, to push you, or to arrest you. It’s you who tried to break the law on our land.

No politician in America or western Europe has the courage to speak so forcefully about defending their own borders because to speak as if your borders have any real meaning has become racist, xenophobic, and of course, antisemitic, unless you’re Israel.

If a country wants to solve it’s illegal border crossings, all it has to do is legally shoot a few of these invaders, and that will put an end to this whole charade immediately.  News will travel fast among the migrants.

And that’s exactly what this is going to come down to — which of these White Christian countries has the will to survive?  For the ones that do, they are going to be given no alternative but to use live ammunition to defend themselves.

Turkey just announced it opened it’s European borderto Syrian migrants, fulfilling a former threat to flood Europe with ‘refugees’.

Those that try to cross through Poland are going to be in for a rude welcome.

Poland saved Europe from the Turkish invasion in the 17th century at the Battle of Vienna, and they may have to do it again in the next few years.