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Mexicans in a Rowboat are harassed!

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Mexicans in a Rowboat are harassed!


Off San Diego, a U.S. Navy Destroyer stopped four Mexicans in a rowboat heading toward the coast of California. 


The Captain got on the loud-speaker and shouted, "Ahoy, small craft. 

Where are you headed?"


One of the Mexicans put down his oar, stood up, and shouted,  "We're invading California to reclaim the territory taken by the U.S. during the 1800's."


The entire crew of the Destroyer doubled over in laughter. 


When the Captain finally caught his breath, he got back on the loud-speaker and asked, "Just the four of you?" 


The same Mexican stood up again and shouted, "No, we're the last four. 

The other 12.3 million are already there!" 


Nobody on the Destroyer laughed.

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