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lhan Omar had no idea what she was in for.

Omar spent her first few months in Congress picking every fight she possibly could.

But that all ended when Tucker Carlson delivered this rude awakening that shut down Ilhan Omar for good.

During a recent broadcast, Tucker Carlson addressed Donald Trump’s recent proposal to reform America’s immigration system to benefit United States workers.

Trump wants to move to a merit based system instead of the current open-borders set up that allows an unending flow of low-skill, low-wage foreign workers from Central America to enter the country and depress the wages of American workers.

“It’s hard to see an argument against a system like that,” Carlson said.

“There isn’t really an argument against that system. For years, Democrats have argued that immigrants make vital additions to our economy. They are smarter than we are, they are harder working and do better in school. They found more companies. Well, the president has decided to take Democrats at their word. He says he wants all of those good things that immigrants bring.”

Carlson compared Trump’s common sense and pro-America immigration reforms to the Democrats demand for open borders.

The Fox News host used Ilhan Omar as his example of the Democrats insane rhetoric on championing mass migration.

“She demands open borders, the unlimited arrival of anyone who wants to come to America whether they have anything to contribute or not, and by the way, you get to pay for it,” Carlson said.

“And if you don’t want to, you are a bigot.”

What Carlson said about Omar is true.

Omar’s social media profile is filled with rants supporting open borders and smearing her opponents as bigots.\


Carlson then went on to explain the real reason Democrats want open borders and mass migration from poor countries.

“Well, you know what this is really about, of course. It’s not about civil rights. That’s a joke. It’s about money and power. Their money, their power. The left has a line with business interests that profit from cheap obedient workers. Low-skilled immigrants have a harder time assimilating into the American mainstream.” Carlson continued.

“They stay poor and learn English more slowly. They are more likely to remain an ethnic underclass all of which makes them much more likely to vote Democratic long term. That’s the point, obviously. Skilled immigrants might assimilate and become less reliable Democratic voters. They might even compete with the children of our ruling class. That’s not allowed. It’s safer to import serfs, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Don’t let them tell you it’s about civil rights, because it’s not. It’s about their convenience and their power.”