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San Fransisco Airport TSA BOMB SCARE / Held Against Will

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From: CLD
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Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 1:55 PM
Subject: Being held against will


We are being held against our will by TSA in SanFrancisco airport terminal 1 (Delta)..

All they r saying is nobody past this point gate 44 towards checkpoint.  All they r saying is nobody can go anywhere!

Approx 500 people being held

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From: CLD
To: "Bellringer" <>
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 3:12 PM
Subject: SFO TSA Bomb Scare


 Follow-up to iPhone message sent to you in regards to the TSA incarceration at the SFO airport Terminal 1 (Delta).

 As it turned out, there was a supposed IED viewed on the checkpoint scanner and the TSA went ballistic.  At this time, I'm not able to confirm if it was real or a hoax but needless to say, TSA did not handle things very well.

 TSA held about 700 people at gates 44-48 in the concourse.  All TSA would say is they don't "know anything".  I asked the TSA supervisor that if you don't know anything, then why are you here?  No response.  Just as I was about to ask the SFO Police what they "don't" know, TSA provided a bus to shuttle folks over to terminal 2.

 I was the first on the bus. (had to get to work pronto with all the delays). They said only 20 at a time.  Insane command for a bus that will easily carry many more.  (reminds me of life boats on the Titanic).  To use the restrooms 20 feet away from the crowd, TSA said only "2" at a time.  You must be joking. A group of us were talking and I mentioned that this reminds me of the WWII films of concentration camps.  "Where are we going?" "why only 20 at a time?"

 This whole scenario, bomb or not, illustrated TSA's incompetence and show time buffoonery.  Almost as funny as Keystone Cops!

 FYI, TSA security at SFO airport is "contracted" security.  They aren't real TSA people.  I say, there were 700 of us and only 12 of them.  "Let's rush 'em"!!!!