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TSA Agent Caught With Passenger's iPad in His Pants; Allegedly Took $50,000 in Other Goods, Cops Say

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The American people are unthinking cattle, and deserve everything they get at the hands of this government. Watching as their fellow cows get slaughtered for market, with bemused cow eyes, no sense of it either way, drones, dead from the toes up, they await their collective fate, which is happening as they watch.
Note: For those not viewing themselves as cattle just yet, nor acting like, in the purest sense -- nobody is going to stand up for you now, or ever, when your time comes -- meaning that when it does, if you don't have the ability and sense to protect yourself, to possibly die standing on your feet, rather than on your knees, begging for your life like a coward -- than you had better start getting comfortable and accepting the ultimate humiliation of your life. . . if you are taken alive. 
Think my words that of a paranoid delusionist? If so than I challenge you to educate yourselves in a detailed and factual sense, about what happened to the Ukrainian people upon the rise of Bolshevik Jew, Vladimir Lenin, followed by the jew butcher, Joseph Stalin, between the years 1917 and 1946, and the murder of 70 million White Russ. Think the murder of that many people in America could not be pulled off today?
Do you really believe that the American people would lift a finger if they saw their neighbors and loved ones being hauled off to Gulags, in Military Buses and Trucks? As long as they have the Talmud Vision, plenty of Alcohol and Drugs, neighbors and loved ones. . . are on there own.
There has never been a government on the face of this planet, that has not eventually gotten around to a mass slaughtering of their own Citizens. ~Rod Remelin