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Is the CIA using Mike Quinsey to channel pro-Obama disinformation? (Updated Jan. 5, 2010)

Alcuin Bramerton

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Possible CIA faction interference detected in supposedly benevolent, high-status, ET-sourced spiritual messages - eighteen examples cited between 27.08.08 and 30.12.09.

Over recent years, Mike Quinsey has published hundreds of messages purported to come from Ascended Masters and benevolent extraterrestrials. Originally these channelled communications were well-received and widely distributed. Many informed, experienced and spiritually literate commentators regarded his messages as veridical and light-bearing. Quinsey appeared to be a clear, clean and reliable channel.

But disinformation watchers began to notice a change in the late summer of 2008. For the first time, the energy signature of some sections of some of Mike Quinsey's messages felt wrong. The changes were subtle, but it appeared that Quinsey might have allowed himself, intermittently, to be influenced by a negative propagandist agenda. Some even suggested that he had been brought under CIA mind-control.

Quinsey's channelled entities began to say things about Barack Obama which did not ring true when placed against the US President's widely recognised track record as a cabal-controlled Satanist, and as the war-promoting agent of a foreign power with no legitimate birth qualification to be US President.

Among comments scattered through the eighteen Quinsey texts linked and referenced below are statements such as:

"Obama, a soul who will be motivated by higher purposes ...." (29.12.09);

"We knew that Obama was destined to lead the world out of its years of disaster under the old regime ...." (19.01.09);

"The authority and spiritual motivation of President Obama ...." (23.01.09);

"With the power of the people behind them, new leaders will come to the fore and be empowered by their spiritual understanding. President Obama is such a one .... the true path is within his heart and he will be bold and stand up for the truth ...." (06.02.09);

"Obama seeks peace instead of hostilities, and knows that he must build trust where previously there was nothing but confrontation .... Be intuitive, and measure the soul that is Obama by his intentions as expressed with wisdom and love for all people. He is charged with a task that holds the future of Mankind in its grasp, and it must not, and cannot fail ...." (08.04.09);

"President Obama .... is as you might say 'our man' and he has as intended emerged at the right time to carry you beyond the plans of the Illuminati ...." (29.06.09);

"We place our faith in President Obama who has a plan to broker world peace ...." (29.07.09);

"Look around you and you will detect some beautiful souls that are becoming known for their wisdom and insight. They are on Earth for the specific purpose of taking over from the dark Ones. Their influence is being felt, and they speak from the heart centre at all times. Include your President Obama in this group .... " (21.09.09);

"There is a chorus of unsettled people who have already lost patience with President Obama, but look for the positive signs and allow for slow progress until he can draw about him the right team. The future of your world lies with him, and it is support and not criticism that is needed ...." (25.09.09);

"President Obama will lead the plan that releases you from the dark Ones ...." (28.10.09);

"For us the election of Barack Obama as President of US was a major victory for the Light. His influences and desires for world peace are bringing in important changes, but the path is by no means easy. There are many who oppose his authority, and a difficult job is being made even harder. No President has served his term without contact from us and we are delighted to work with Obama, who is one of the few that have put world peace at the front of their agenda ...." (30.12.09).

The full texts of the eighteen Quinsey quotations compiled in this overview are located as follows: First paragraph here (27.08.08), first paragraph here (08.12.08), fifth paragraph here (15.12.08), first paragraph here (29.12.08), first paragraph here (19.01.09), first paragraph here (23.01.09), fourth paragraph here (26.01.09), third paragraph here (06.02.09), fourth paragraph here (16.02.09), last paragraph here (20.03.09), fifth and sixth paragraphs here (08.04.09), sixth paragraph here (13.05.09), eighth paragraph here (29.06.09), last paragraph here (29.07.09), fourth paragraph here (21.09.09), sixth paragraph here (25.09.09), sixth paragraph here (28.10.09) and second paragraph here (30.12.09).

Content is king in all this. It is prudent to attend closely to what is plainly and repeatedly said by those who claim to channel privileged spiritual information from sources above the commonplace. What is stated consistently over time by a respected source may carry a felt signature of truth - a veridical sigil - or it may carry the lower vibration of error or confusion.

The question has to be put: Might the sulphurous hoofprint of CIA disinformation be evident in some of what Mike Quinsey has recently articulated?

It has often been Langley tradecraft to mix in a little focussed disinformation with a lot of anodyne, affirmative and positive packaging material. An explicit lie only travels safely if it is accompanied by a large volume of tacitly accepted truth. The technique is not to promote the lie just once, but to quietly repeat the chosen blind again and again for months and years. The objective is conquest by erosion. The antidote, perhaps, is vigilance, alert attention to detail and open-minded discernment.

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From: H
Sent: Monday, January 04, 2010 1:42 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

 Dear people,

 Since quite some time I started to doubt the honesty of Mike Quinsey\'s messages.

 (Not the honesty of Mike quinsey himself.)

 I am glad that somebody else comes with this idea as well.

 Also David Wilcock, who has claimed so often that he might be the incarnation of Edgar Casey, that by now everybody seems to think that this is a proofed truth.

 Where have I seen this MO before.....

 He also comes with the same ideas.

 My feeling says something completely different.

 I was always looking forward to Quinsey\'s updates. I hardly read them anymore, because for some time I have the FEELING  that I should not believe them even if it would be nice to do so.

 I more and more start to think that I should take the whole story about the helping hand of the GFL with a big grain of salt.

 We will see.

 Happy New Year to all.

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From: EW
Sent: Saturday, January 02, 2010 9:01 PM
Subject: Re: Is the CIA using Mike Quinsey to channel pro-Obama disinformation?
In support of Mike Quinsey. A.B. is obviously basing his criticism of and accusations
against Mike based upon the influence of the mainline media's propaga against
Obama, as Dr. Jones refers to in this article.
The Kings of the East have arrived    12/28/2009

By Dr. Stephen Jones website:

On December 17, 2009 we reached an important historic event in the banker wars going on behind the scenes. President Obama was forced to sign Executive Order #12425, granting immunity to the thousands of Interpol agents have descended upon Washington D.C. on December 2nd, as they conduct an indepth audit of the Federal Reserve and other criminal organizations.

Patriotic Americans who do not understand the background of this situation are naturally taking a "woe to America" stance, as it cedes American sovereignty to foreign law enforcement agencies.

I too would be upset about this, if it were not for the simple fact that these Interpol auditors are actually auditing Babylon--not the America that was founded two centuries ago.

The handwriting is on the wall: Mene, Mene, tekel, upharsin.

It means: Audited, Audited, Bankrupt, Foreclosure.

It is reported that because the Fed is bankrupt, China has placed alien on America in the World Court. Scripture says that Babylon falls to "the kings of the east." In the original Babylon, this was Medo-Persia. Today, it is China.

It appears that Interpol is now in the process of auditing and foreclosing upon Babylon. Reports indicate that arrests have already been made, and that more are forthcoming. Their intent is to bring America and the world into a different type of "New World Order." Something "less bad" than the Babylonian variety.

The current Babylonian rulers will try to enlist as many people to their army by playing the "patriot card." After all, on the surface it looks like the President has destroyed he American Republic by subjecting it to the New World Order. But in fact, the American Republic was overthrown a long time ago by Mystery Babylon, a "secret" government that posed as the original Republic but changed it into a Socialist Democracy.

Do not be taken in by the Patriotic rhetoric that is sure to come, as the Babylonian rulers manipulate nationalistic emotions to get you to support Babylon in the guise of supporting "America." We were already taken in on this with the so-called "Patriot Act" that removed most of our freedoms in the guise of fighting terrorism.

In my view, this is the one "Cyrus of Persia," who intends to bring a new order to the world, which would allow a greater level of freedom to the people, but in the end is just another form of world government. However, Cyrus is also a type of Christ, as we read in Isaiah 45:1, showing how God, in His sovereignty, uses kings who do not know Him for divine purposes.

It will be interesting to watch how events unfold in the coming year. Men have their plans, but God has His own plan. He is just as sovereign today as He was when He raised up Cyrus the Persian to accomplish His plan in 537 B.C. Watch that sovereignty at work today, because it appears that the patterns have already been established many years ago for what is happening today.

God's plan is to establish His Kingdom by empowering the Kings of the East. Even as there was no need to fear King Cyrus long ago, so also there is no need to fear China today. There are more Christians in China than any other nation in the world. In fact, in China the Christians far outnumber the members of the Communist Party. Those Christians are prayer warriors, and because of their persecution, they are not lukewarm about Christ. Their prayers are being answered even now.  End Quote


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From: DG
Sent: Monday, January 04, 2010 3:32 PM
Subject: in retrospect
tThis reading is dated for 23 July 2008        
Question: Awareness stated that Senator Obama has already sold his soul to the Illuminati. Is it seen that playing their game is only temporary in an effort to protect himself from assassination and ensure his election? Then when he is in office and the present (Bush) Administration is gone, he can then proceed to introduce and encourage new progressive ideas. Your comments please? Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness simply does not see this as so. When an individual sells their soul to the devil, it does not simply stop. It does not simply go away once the present Administration is gone, for the present Administration is the face of the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Elite; and they are behind the power. If he was to do such an action, he would be quickly eliminated. Make no mistake of that! The only way it is seen by this Awareness that the individual Barack Obama could truly become a powerful man of pure motive and action is for the whole political system to totally be swept away from the top down, from the inner sanctum outwards. If and when the secret government is swept away, the Elite are exposed and the world changes, then and only then is it seen that the individual Barack Obama could be a pure leader, a strong leader. At that time, it would also be shown that he has had secret dealings with these individuals; that he made deals, that he had indeed sold his soul; and then the question would go forth: Do we really want a man who was willing to gain favor and to accept the payoff of the Powers That Be over the needs of the people? This is of course a question of his true character; and this Awareness simply says that one and all would need to make their decision at that time. Even though this individual has true potential, he has indeed shown a bit of his true character by going down that dark path willingly and by free choice.
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From: JDJ
Sent: Monday, January 04, 2010 2:31 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10


 I have read Casper's latest Response to Alcouin Bramerton's Mike Quinsey commentary.  Although we keep hearing various Masters are still saying Obama has to play the game, I, too, have been disturbed by some of the comments I keep reading by Mike Quinsey and others. I have been silently standing and observing. I have been meditating on the whole issue.  Trying to stay objective without judging. However, when you listen to President Obama's speech about sending more troops to Iraq, after promising to bring the troops home.  How can this be? 

 He keeps blocking the deliveries which are vital to Disclosure and Peace around the world.

 My question is "When does it stop?? In the meantime, countless people are starving, losing their homes, and cannot provide the vital things a human being must be provided with for survival. The latest is that 38 million people in the USA are on food stamps... Where are the jobs promised by President Obama?

 6,000 inventions, many of which can improve our lives and clean up the environment, as well as remove the limitations... that have been imposed on us, are stored in Washington, DC because of "National Security".

 We are now in 2010. This has been going for much to long. This is disturbing, and if anyone can enlighten me, I would much appreciate it. I and millions of others want the TRUTH.

 Thanks for listening.


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From: EW
Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 12:25 AM
Subject: Re: Casper's Response to Alcuin Bramerton's Mike Quinsey Commentary

I don't understand why Casper has so much difficulty understanding why Obama would be blocking the delivery of the claims and prosperity packages. Doing so at this time would be like giving some kids hiking in a bear infested forest a picnic dinner.

The bears would smell the goodies, and would soon not only have the picnic lunch, but also feast on the children.

As long as the old system is still fully in power, there can be no such largesse to the ill prepared. Has Casper ever thought of that problem and maybe considered that Obama is doing a great service to the recipients of the packys to which he refers. Why can't he just enforce the faith of the waiting, as does Poof, with 'You'll get your packy when it is feasible and logical to do so.' And, let Obama finish his assigned task in exterminating the corporate UNITED STATES and Vatican control over America.

And, with the ignorance that is shown continually by Americans as to the actual status of the America they think they have, how could Obama have ever been elected, remain in the POTUS office or even stay alive if he had shown himself to be an opponent of the Powers That Be who have installed the corporate structure upon America and slavery upon the people. The people of the Galactic Federation are quite aware that any major change for the better in a world such as is ours, especially one with technology that is advanced far beyond the moral capacity of the people, can only come by way of a benevolent dictator - a dictator who recognizes the supremacy of Creator God, and has pledged his will to do the Creator God's will.

Otherwise intelligent people apparently have their minds hamstrung by the religions of control, where the trinity is force, fear and false hope. Anyone who has followed the teachings by the various Ascended Masters, such as Saint Germain, and such as the reporting back deceased young man, Matthew, would start getting a clue that this planet is a vast school, and each one of us have an individual curriculum of spiritual training to glean from a life in 3D. The planet is NOT a lost Paradise. There is kharma

and re-incarnation, not quite as taught in the Hindu faith, but very real. And, even as Obama plays the game, the school goes

on, whether it be in Afghanistan or Cleveland. And, for those who come in with the dualistic idea of Satan or the Devil, just remember, Creator God is omniscient (all knowing), omnipotent (all powerful) and omnipresent (everywhere present).

So, get your mind above the 'God God/Bad God' ideas and ideals. In other words - Grow up!


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  EW
DATE:  Jan. 5, 2010
Dear EW:
    You've got to be kidding!  Your ignorance of spiritual concepts and even of the NESARA Mission is showing!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer